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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


True, I am wearing sweatpants

TNP has a car worth stealing


Nope. Didn’t prevent some asshole to try and snatch it twice.

TNP lives in a shit neighbourhood


False, I live in what can best be described as “a generic suburb.”

TNP dailys a V8.


Seriously? Actually no I know better than that, there’s at least a couple of guys here who do do that (but really, not outside the US).

But yeah nah I just drive a sensible-ish 4 cylinder eco box. And am very highly unlikely to ever consider daily-ing a V8.

@DeusExMackia it was a most fetching shade of old man light brown IIRC. And the stereo was more about the “fancy” head unit if anything. Though it was supposed to have those gimmicky sub things that vibrated the floor. Yeah I don’t remember it being particularly great.

TNP has snobby audiophile speakers.


False, 19 year old factory speakers… and boy do they need replacing.

TNP is doing laundry


I ought to…

TNP loves The Velvet Underground

Ha, so they were going for the aesthetic more than anything else @strop. Issue with those stereos is that they first appeared on the XJ40 in 1986 and didn’t get an upgrade for so long.


False, I don’t know who they are…
TNP already watches Deadpool 2


Nope. 0 interest.

TNP saw today a Japanese supercar or sportscar


False, yet to leave the house.

TNP has watched Fastest Car on Netflix


False. Netflix hogged by little cousins with single digit years old watching Beyblade and Peppa Pig on repeat.

TNP should have pulled out.


Can’t pull out if I can’t get in…

TNP can’t find a parking space either.


Tralse, I have a designated space in my parking garage but the Astra (the new ones are especially wide) to the left of me somehow manages to park a metre away from the wall like this:

So I have to do a 20 point parking maneuvre to get into it without smashing into the primera on my other side (which I did once exactly because of this) at which point I just park on the guest spot

TNP has swapped paint recently


not in a very long time. The time last year I dinted my bumper on a friend’s Outback because we were playing parallel parking in torrential rain at night with zero visibility didn’t actually trade any paint so it doesn’t count :joy:

TNP has interviewed in a suit before.


I wear a suit on any occasion I can

TNP will do something


I am doing something right now. I am typing this reply.

TNP is wearing shorts today!


True, but currently I am wearing my pajamas.
TNP is currently brushing his teeth…


False, I usually do that when I’m not reading the Automation forums.

TNP is wearing a suit.


False, I’m lying naked in bed now and that was probably more than you wanted to know.

TNP is also thinking that he rater should go out and mow his lawn than to sit on the Automation forum.


TNP think the UE version of Automation is better than Kee.


Imma tell you that when Light Campaign hits Steam.

TNP eats Mods for breakfast