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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


On paper, false. In reality, true. LOL

My dad used to have a W211 E55 AMG. It was factory rated (in the US) at 469 horsepower, widely recognized to be complete fiction. Most E55s of that era dyno’d between 410-430 wheel horsepower.… which translates to just over 500 crank horsepower. I did drive it a few times. And it was hysterically quick for a 4,200 lb sedan.

TNP has driven on summer performance tires.


False, haven’t even owned one car long enough to change the tires.

TNP knows someone who never changes the oil in their car.


True, my friend’s dad just ignores the oil change light.

TNP drives a Chevy.


No, quite the opposite thankfully.

TNP browses eBay for crap cars daily


Don’t browse TradeMe Daily, just when I’m bored.

TNP, what are you doing besides surfing the forums.


I want to brush my teeth…
TNP wants to have or already have a youtube channel…


Truish. I might be working on something :wink:

TNP is craving some Toblerone right now.


False up until now but you’ve changed my mind :rage:

TNP has been to the seaside recently


I went yesterday, got myself some fish and chips aswell.

TNP is meant to be working.


False, not until monday.

TNP wants ice cream.


Desperately. It’s way too hot, haven’t had anything sweet today, water just isn’t doing it. Too bad it’s 22:25 so the only stores in this city that are open are 12km away and the other is on the other side of the centre which means I’d have to walk past ~26 bars and nightclubs and today it’s graduation day. Even in my apartment complex of 99% old ladies there have been 2 drunk fights of graduating teenagers.

TNP likes going on late night walks


True, especially in the summer when there is all the scents from all the blooming trees and flowers, completely quiet and not a single person outside and kind of a cool and damp breeze in the air…lovely, just lovely.

TNP has passed the age of 30 and is currently facing 40 at an alarming speed.


Yes and no, I wouldn’t say 40 is approaching alarmingly. I’m so busy I don’t even think my body has realised it hit 30 yet.

though when I think of my medium term future beyond this year: specialisation, marriage, kids, a joint mortgage… Yeeeeeah it’s coming up fast

TNP feels younger than they are.


False, the opposite in fact. Maybe my body doesn’t like me that much.

TNP has found their calling.


Possibly, potentially, maybe, all kinda depends on how good I can make my CV look

TNP is (trying) to go to a festival this summer


True. There will be at least two rallies and hillclimbs I don’t want to miss.

TNP will go support local racing this summer as well.


Hmm maybe, a rally cross place is quite close by.

TNP has racing experience.


In real life no but in games almost big on keyboard/
TNP have Discord


True, I use it almost every day.

TNP is going on vacation this summer.


Tralse, just bought tickets to a festival so I guess that counts?

TNP is going shopping tomorrow