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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


No, I’m not much of a gamer and is not living in the UK.

TNP is living in a rural area.



I live near Barcelona. A sh*t.

TNP wants to live on Barcelona.



TNP wishes to live outside of their own continent


True. I want to live on an island near the Antartic circle!

TNP is SUPER hyped for Fallout 76!


Fallout what now?

TNP’s computer is a potato


Nope. I have a good rig!

TNP’s computer is a potato!


Nope, I recently built my rig from scratch after the previous one overheated and, as best as I can tell, roasted the CPU and the GPU. Now I’m pretty sure I won’t have to upgrade it for another 4 years except maybe swapping out the 1060 6gb for a 1080 or better, as long as I’m willing to put up with less-than-technically-advertised PCI-E lanes thanks to a fundamental flaw in my mobo for the sake of having an M.2 SSD because stupid boot speeds hehe

TNP is waiting for something big


Yes, a lottery win…a F*&King HUGE lottery win!

TNP is going to make an Austin-Healey Sprite car mod! :slight_smile:


No! :slight_smile: cause this boi can’t mod for toffee

TNP likes Kali Uchis (and her newest album)


Camila Cabello? Kali Uchis? That’s the same thing right? (my ignorance is showing lol) I like all kinds of music, but that’s the first I’ve heard of that artist.

TNP is riding on the Soul Train. :grin:


False, I don’t have a soul or a train

TNP has not been on a train (aka you other Americans)


True… I’ve only been on a train in a museum.

TNP has never been on a plane.


False, I’ve been a few times.

TNP has never traveled beyond their home continent


True. Always inside Europe and tbh pretty scared to go anywhere outside of it. Too many horror stories from all them countrieses.

TNP loves the flag of their country


I do and it’s so good the rest if y’all copied it

Freedom :us:

TNP loves America


Not much (sorry).

TNP tasted the “dulce de leche” (I’m addicted XD).


I have, but it was left out awhile so it was all warm and mushy. I’m probably missing out.
TNP has had buckeyes (the candy).


No idea what buckeyes are so I’m gonna say no to that one!

TNP is listening to Sade on Youtube…


False, but I do love Smooth Operator

TNP likes (loves) My Bloody Valentine


TNP knew the diesel fuel have 77,8octane.