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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


The other way round. I was rather much awake on weekends.

TNP wants to find a job.


I got one, after a shitty 2018 where I lost two of them mfs and couldn’t see past the next week in my plans.

TNP breathes.


currently through only one nostril.

TNP lives for Mondays.


ugh I fucking hate Mondays

it’s the start of my working week… but I get paid from going to work so yeah I guess

TNP has fast growing nails


Oddly enough true. Or rather they do nothing until suddenly they’re far too long.

TNP likes ChromeOS


It’s certainly better than it was launched, but I feel the operating system is still lack of good features like it’s competitors.
TBH, I’m not a fan of Google, in fact I hate them more than Apple and Microsoft, because of several reasons.

TNP went to Japan/is planning to go to Japan.


True, went in 2015. Great place, great people, great food. Would 100% go back.

TNP has been to a memorial site.


True. Visited the Dunkirk War Cemetery last year.

TNP fuckin loves history


I do love history. When the classes are taught well, that is. Sitting in my US history class right now.

TNP can play music on some form of instrument.


I know how to play with piano once. And that time was a long time ago.

TNP thinks that Google Stadia will be a massive failure unless telecommunications infrastructure on everywhere is fully developed.


what the hell is a stadia

TNP has visited Mexico


My family practically has a second house there.

TNP wants to publicly share their favorite color



TNP ate a sandwich today.


I live on sandwiches

TNP thinks that the Ace Combat series are literally the best games ever made


Never played so I have no idea.

TNP be relaxin’.


I’m chilling at the boarding gate before flying halfway around the world and have literally nothing else I can do if I was any more relaxed I’d actually be bored lol

TNP had a nasty cold this year


My street is so quiet I didn’t notice my window was still open. Was woken up by a throat made of the dust you find at the bottom of a box of cereal. :t

TNP gon travel this summer


It ain’t summer now but I’m travelling! Medical conference for a few days (work) and then a bit of a hiking holiday.

During my real summer I’ll just be… Working…

TNP has inflexible leave arrangements


Don’t think so ATM.

TNP has rode horses before. (I have rode one, not a pleasant experience. Also horse stables are very smelly.)


True. It would be strange if I hadn’t, considering. I’m not the most experienced but I’ve had lessons and know the basics around tacking and riding a horse. I’ve also been bucked and thrown. 10/10 would still ride.

TNP has taken a hard fall before.