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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


It’s likely that I did when I was little but not recently.

TNP smells.


I try not to, but sometimes I do.

TNP is in a constant state of confusion


Mostly probably yeah.

TNP has looked straight into a cat’s eyes and seen the demon that lies within.


I look into a cat’s eyes and I have seen the cuteness, not the demon…

TNP has nothing to do.


Not really, currently have a loads of coursework to do…

TNP has sold items online.


There’s literally a grand worth of car parts I’m reluctant to sell in my garage, even though I have to.

TNP is working hard for that summer body


Define “working hard”

TNP has problematic allergies during the Spring season


Nah, since my place hasn’t seen any spring before.
TNP works in a bar or restaurant as a side job.


TNP has drunk more than once before.


be drunk? false
drunk alcohol… yes?

TNP like a hot water foot dip


Somewhat yes.

TNP plays Metro Last Light before.