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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


I did very early on. It’s not good at all.

TNP is the ultimate lifeform


Nah, I’m just a mere mortal.

TNP is worrying about something useless to him/her.


Final exams are not worthless. I type this as I wallow in the fact that I got a 91 on my English final.

TNP is good at skool


hahahahahaha I just got an 83 on my Spanish final

TNP has gotten into an accident


False, Perfect record here with almost 9 years of driving.

TNP also has a perfect record


Perfect in terms of zero insurance claims sure.
Perfect record in terms of vehicle collisions, not so much, i just never claim because they’ve always been minor.
And I’m still waiting for my driving suspension for attempting to rally through a storm on public highways to fall off my record…

TNP has contemplated or worn clothes not belonging to their gender.


not gonna lie when I say I did wear dresses of different styles,
though I would say I am not gay, I just like wearing them.

TNP has been to an anime convention in a cosplay outfit. (bonus points if said cosplay is of the opposite sex)


No but I’d like to. No bonus points though, because I’d dress as Sakuta.

TNP knows two languages.


sort of true. I could at least survive with the basics in France.

You do realise that sexual preference isn’t strictly tied to gender identity right.

TNP knows the difference.


I identify as a male, and I would like to screw over women. (or if I want to, then I identify as an Apache attack helicopter, and I would like to screw over US military maintenance personnel)

(So gender identity = what genitals you have ; sexual orientation = (which person/what object) you like to have a relationship with, did I get this right or I am wrong?)

TNP believes in only two genders. (obviously)


Yes and no. I believe science – male, female, and transgender. I guess nonbinary too, but that’s a bit of a stretch IMO.

Gender identity is sticking with or changing to one of those I’m pretty sure. Sexual orientation is whomever you’re attracted to. That being said, I am a straight cisgender male and will strictly stay like that. I don’t discriminate either way, I’m an ally through and through!

I saw some quotes recently on instagram… “Having a gay son/daughter is like getting a french fry in your onion rings. Not what I thought I was getting, but that’s great too!” Also, “A gay person sliding into your DMs is like getting a ton of foreign currency. It’s not at all useful right now, but if I ever cross the border, then hey!”

Sorry for long post!

Let’s have civil political discussion… TNP is a feminist!


(so I will be the one to start the chain…)

It depends on what kind of feminism.

If it is the actual demand of equality of men AND women (in terms of law, preferences, and all that matters in society), then sure I am up for that.

If it is the “modern feminism”, the ones that try to one-up “straight white men” and going around the nearest park shouting “ermahgad, we women need to remove the patriarchy yadayadayada…”, then no thanks.

TNP is an atheist.

edit: lol, I just double posted. Enough forums for now…


Apologies for double post but I quite enjoy civil discussion of politics lol

I agree with you entirely, but I’d like to add some things. There’s a difference between feminism (women’s rights, end the patriarchy, treating women the same, and viewing them as such – politically and socially) which is good, and misandry (the age of men is over, the opposite of misogyny) which is not so good. And just to remind y’all yes I’m a guy :))

I am indeed an atheist! But that doesn’t mean I hate religions. Having a religion is like a penis… It’s okay to have one and be proud of it. Just don’t whip it out in public and start waving it around!

TNP follows a religion!


Yes I do! The cult of Good Pizza :pizza:

TNP is going on a short trip soon and looking forward to it


On a trip back home right now.

TNP played Dark Souls and/or it’s sequels.


True, I sucked ass at it but it was kinda fun nonetheless.

TNP puts bigger tires on their car to achieve a higher top speed.


Nah bigger tyres are heavier and since my car’s top speed is drag limited…

Also let’s take this from the top again…

The first half is completely wrong and the second half is mostly right.

Gender is a social identity, not actually tied to your physical characteristics though historically speaking gender identity has been tied to sexual characteristics. But now we’re realising that while we have sexually dimorphic characteristics around which we strongly cluster, the idea of granting merit to arbitrary physical characteristics you are generally born with has ended up in culturally harmful practices that don’t actually serve the majority of people all that well. How many guys here can look at all those Mens health etc. magazines and say they’re happy with how buff they are? Are you an alpha or are you some beta cuck??? I feel a little nauseated saying this so let’s move on

The most strict definition of sex is genetic: your sex chromosomes and whether you have any Ys which triggers sexual differentiation late in the first trimester. Note also that embryological sexual differentiation mostly but doesn’t always work, and that’s where the rare cases of intersex come from: i.e. apparent genitals that mismatch assigned sex which may or may not cause a lot of gender identity confusion come puberty, and is one of the major hints that gender ought not be strictly tied to apparent sex. But moreover, simply the assignment of chromosomes may largely dictate one’s primary sexual chracteristics (i.e. gonads and genitals) but it is far less strongly tied to the secondary characteristics i.e. boobs and the shape of your face, Adam’s apple, how much body hair you get, whether your fat goes to your gut or your thighs or whatnot. There’s a lot of variability here and as biometric studies have repeatedly shown the idea of what an average man or a woman is, has been highly exaggerated compared to what the average man or woman’s body actually is.

Sexual orientation is pretty much what it is: who you’re attracted towards. Exactly what that attraction entails, i.e. romantic relationship, wanna smash etc. etc. is a murkier matter and I’ll leave that be.

Now for the next post:

Nonbinary is only a stretch because people fail to understand that the fundamentals as described above are individual concepts. That’s understandable: throughout all of history without “science” we wouldn’t really have figured out a more intangible, objective measure of sex and so for the most part sex is equivalent to gender except where it isn’t and leads us to believing that identifying as not your assigned sex should get you locked in an asylum or made fun of or stoned to death. Furthermore the science of gender is incomplete: there’s a whole lot we don’t understand yet and a lot of very VERY difficult questions that we can’t answer e.g. how young is too young to form a non-compatible gender identity that can be acted upon? Why are mental health outcomes for transgender people who transition away from their biological sex no superior as a whole to those who don’t?

Maybe I sound like a utopian radical, but I suggest that the ideal end-point to all of this is when we understand the inherently social aspect of gender and the fact that gender roles are already under a lot of scrutiny for their lack of merit, we should be able to transcend the idea of gender as a role rather than a conglomerate of characteristics which in themselves should have no other ramifications than as accessory identifiers. There was a point in time when humanity as a whole lacked social cohesion and technology and public infrastructure to be able to get by without social stability being enforced by strong normative standards. But we’re advanced enough now to know better. We should be able to cope with the idea of gender being a more fluid concept as it shouldn’t affect our sense of intrinsic value or our opportunities. Now I’m really painfully aware that this isn’t the case and in many places we’re still well and truly trying to unpick the historical institution of the Patriarchy, and yes I do really mean that, so maybe this part remains a bit of a pipe dream but if you’re a true egalitarian maybe you’ll understand this endpoint.

To test this, ask yourself. What does being a man/woman actually mean to you? How well do you embody those values? How much sense does it make if you have attributes you want to change to what end? If you had a chance to wipe that slate clean and recreate yourself anew would you go about it exactly the same way? How deep is your contentment with your identity?

TNP didn’t want to think about all that.


True, that is a lot to take in and I used to just hold my own beliefs and leave others be. I just ignored it. However my girlfriend is very politically vocal and has woken me up recently, so I have actually informed opinions now.

Today was my last day of school so I ripped it a tad coming out of the parking lot, after some others did it as well. Only up to the speed limit tho! TNP likes to spin their wheels (when it’s safe)


I would if I had money to burn and didn’t drive a Focus :stuck_out_tongue:

TNP is happy to be bored right now.


I am bored, but i am not happy about it.

TNP works a retail or retail-associated job (Walmart storage guy and such; directly camping behind the register counts as well)