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True or False: Forum Game 2.0



TNP would daily a moped


Nah, a 150cc bike, yes

TNP rides a bicycle regularly



tnp is phat


Sadly yes, I am overweight

TNP is underweight



TNP likes trains.



TNP hates pineapple on pizza.



TNP has enjoyed pizza from Green Lantern.



TNP is anti Pizza Hut


Pizza Hut sucks, but I can’t really be anti-Pizza Hut because my town is so small that it only has 3 pizza places to choose from and only 2 of them offer dine-in including the Pizza Hut.

TNP also lives in a small town.



TNP has rice in their homes


Possibly true, I need to look in the pantry.

TNP works in the dark to serve the light.


False, I am the dark

TNP is the light


False, I’m the other dark, in the middle of a cold, windy winter… With a fireplace and some old tales, both grim and nice.

TNP is a simple man.


False. I am actually quite complicated. To the point I’ve managed to distilled it down to what seems to me to be simple, but I’m told it’s still damn complicated.

Except when it comes to butts. Then I’m a simple man.

TNP knows darkness is just a half step away.


lol true. my light switch is half a step away. and it’s 00:01am

TNP needs to go to sleep quicker


I wish I could. Always take ages.

TNP has got nothing going on for the next week


I fucking wish.

TNP will buy me an Ibanez


Can’t afford one of those but I can buy you a drink :wink:

TNP has used the line “So do you come here often?”


Nah :yum:

TNP :joy::joy::joy::joy::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:



TNP does not understand that opposite gender