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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


False. I just don’t understand other people in general.

TNP lives in a nice place and doesn’t want to change it.


I just can’t really get along with the city I’m living in. Despite, I will probably study here for the next three years and my first employer will be here too. My heart belongs somewhere else.

TNP trusts airbnb


My UK trip

9 Airbnb houses, all great
4 Expedia hotels, 2 were shit, 1 completely closed

So true, use them

TNP has an old pet


Not really, my oldest dog is 9. But, did have a dog in the family that lived to 18.

TNP might like dogs a little too much.


False. I have a pet dog that I take care of and make sure he lives a happy life but nothing else.

TNP is drinking coke right now.


Nope, drinking Calamansi Tea

TNP has drank some fancy expensive vodka/wine/beer/etc


depends on what you define fancy. if you mean the type of drink that one drinks only once a year or so. yeah i have. but i still prefer Baileys (i fucking love that shit)

TNP has shaven their… hair until bald before


False. I almost got bald when the barber misunderstood what I meant by “short hair”, though. But still really short hair, so not bald.

TNP is going to cook a delicious, cheesy, juicy burger tonight.


True. Kinda.

TNP thinks Tea is the best beverage ever conceived by humanity.


Absolutely true. I need tea for existence.

TNP could live in a world without technology, but with magic.


False, there would be no Automation forums!

TNP has magical abilities


No magic here, or tricks!

@DeusExMackia :joy: what the… Is there something you want to tell us???

@koolkei :joy: dude going well past just a bit of manscaping, are the Automation forums ready for this???

TNP has regretted missing out on replying to some unusual TNPs.


True, like how I would totally disagree about tea being the greatest beverage created.

In the old days, beer was largely preferred over water because it was less likely to make you sick when drinking it. The reason being is that you boil water when making beer. That little discovery resulted in boiling water to make it safer to drink, and allowed people to live in larger cities since there was now a way to sanitize water. Don’t get me wrong, tea is great, but beer paved the way for civilization. I also agree with the above post about Baileys. It is excellent in coffee or by itself.

TNP has changed an alternator.


Nope, but it’s something I’m sure I’ll have to at some point in my life

TNP likes Pesto Pasta

@strop What, that I like dogs or the other one? :wink:
I happen to know it’s remarkably effective when used ironically


I don’t like pests but I like pasta!

TNP has slept with their … stuffed animals


Yeah as a kid. These days the stuffed animals get dusty so I leave them on the couch.

I have this Peter Rabbit, it’s like 3x life size, it’s ridiculous.

Oh wait did you mean stuffed animals or just plush toys? :joy: sleeping with the …stuffed animals might be something else entirely…

@DeusExMackia the dogs one. Reminds me of this…

TNP has been zapped by a laser before


True, that round of Laser Tag did not go well for me.

TNP has operated a backhoe.


False, aside from the one on my beloved JCB digger toy I had as a kid.

TNP is rocking the sunglasses today


false. i’m rocking auto darkening glasses all the time

@strop oh cmon. i believe we’ve gone through worse

TNP is slee…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


True… Very True, so much true that I can’t even…

TNP is often confused about what to say next.