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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


Well, yes, but… Audi R8 LMP1, R10 and R18!

TNP is watching the James Comey testimony live


Not interested in increasing my wanting to die just yet, have much work left to do

TNP can beat the longest yea boi


False, that is amazingly long

TNP knows all about amazingly long


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

TNP likes a good engine swap


True. Specially when it is an unexpected engine. I’m bored of these 2JZ swaps being everywhere.

TNP’s dream car is not a supercar but an old, sporty sedan.


Tralse, only some of my dream cars.

TNP wants a RWD car largely to go sliding during the winter.


False. I can slide my FWD in the winter. I want a RWD so that I can slide in the summer.

The next person plays the stock market.



TNP is makin’ bacon


nah,having mashed potatoes

TNP has eaten luncheon meat (Spam)


True, with Mac and Cheese. Throw some broccoli in on the side and you’ve got good eatin’.

TNP likes Thai food.


eh. i dunno. haven’t eaten much of it…

TNP is Not Next


Well then how come I am?

TNP is getting HYPED for Le Mans (1 WEEK AWAY YOOOOO)


True. Also wondering if there will be a community challenge to celebrate it!

TNP is listening to synthwave right now.


Nah,maybe tomorrow.

TNP doesn’t like mainstream music of today


True very true

TNP does like mainstream music of today


Yes and no. Used to hate it but I’m finding more artist that I do like. But there’s plenty of other great modern music that isn’t in the mainstream.

TNP has had to do cleaning today


True. I’m exhausted.

TNP is going to grab a beer soon.


False, can’t really

TNP is a sexist pig


Hell no.

TNP is searching for a new car


I’m always searching. Not new ones tho, used mainly.

TNP showers more than once a day