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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


False. I shower once every morning.

TNP always wanted to build a kart themselves.


Not a kart, but a project car or restoration, sure, when I slot that in between all my other commitments :joy:

TNP has some family drama going on (who doesn’t?)


does family-owned business drama count? They are somehow more frequent than normal family drama (anyways,the business is small)

TNP wants to go in a touring car


I’m going to interpret this in a number of ways:[ul]

  1. Fuck yes, I want to drive a touring car
  2. Fuck yes, I want go touring in a car (dream holiday is west to east over Northern Italy in some Alfa Romeo, visiting lakes and roads and cities etc)
  3. Fuck yes, I want to drive a GT car

TNP can’t decide whether they like Childish Gambino or not


True. But only if I’m driving it. I want to go fast.

TNP needs a cold drink ASAP.



@DeusExMackia you should try my budget solution, Miata in the American Rockies, much cheaper! (And more bacon)

TNP always needs more bacon


Well, obviously.

TNP loves a fry up

@Sillyducky That sounds great, but first I need an American Visa which is a bastard to get!


Yep its a necessity of life

TNP likes tea


False. I love tea.

The next person likes cheese made of sheep’s milk. (Romano, Manchego, ect.)


Tralse, some

TNP likes to ride goats


Goats Are Fun. Goaaaat

TNP don’t step on snek


True. I step on snek, snek bite my heel :frowning:

@DeusExMackia well maybe it’s just hard for you to get a visa because you’re such a lefty dissenter who would probably join one of those protests fuelled by fake news :stuck_out_tongue:

TNP would fight da powah


Nah, if u move at least you know u can achieve your goal

TNP can not spelt


Mate I will have you know I was astoundingly good at spelling tests in primary school, top of the class

TNP is going out today because it’s warm

@strop excuse me what are you suggesting


HAHAHA. no. It’s not been warmer than 10°C for a few days in a row.

TNP is in winter at the moment



(also yes i went for a walk just to take these pixxx)

TNP has up to +20c weather ATM


Yep, neared 30c here a few days ago. Humidity is hell.

TNP has a nice bicycle


Except for the fact that the front wheel is bent it’s pretty good

TNP is eating a snack


False for the time being but you made me want to go get a swiss roll or something so it’s all your fault now im gonna gain 50 kilos

TNP has recently (in june) had chinese buffet


False but thats a great idea

TNP can’t deal with more than 25°c of heat