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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


False, 30-32 is about my limit

TNP is weak


True. But my heart is strong T_T

TNP craves some pizza, some cheesy, tasty, crispy yet chewy goodness.


Weirdly, no

TNP got to fly on a Concorde


Oh my actual god I spent most of my childhood dreaming of that and then couldn’t. Closest I’ve got is to the one at Dunsfold, which WASN’T FLYING.

TNP loves planes


I do, but don’t know much about them

TNP would sell their kidney to own an Audi Sport Quattro


Tralse. Only if it is an Audi Quattro from the 80s.

TNP wants to updgrade their computer badly.


False. Only because I’m extremely averse from having my body incomplete in any possible way. That’s a terrifying thought for me.

Sniped: False. Not so badly, as in fact there’s only one game that I currently play that would noticeably benefit from that, and I’m rather not going to play anything more demanding soon.

BTW, @Mr.Computah there wasn’t any other Sport Quattro than the 80s one :smiley:

TNP is thrifty.



TNP is brave.


No. I’m not.

TNP is having a slight breakdown.


True, I just figured out someone I need to work with to finish something is 5000 miles across the planet

TNP has had a similar issue


True. But he was just across the country.

TNP hates their local supermarket because it lacks a variety of products.


True. Local one where I live at home is awful compared to the ones I have near my Uni accomodation

TNP has had to deal with pigsh*t stupid estate agents who can’t set up payments correctly
(I’m ranting here bare with)


uhhhh… tralse? my parents been so for the last week. the finally cancelled their home purchase.

TNP has also been denied of something within the last week


Oh boy, if you have been on discord…

TNP is not on discord


True. I’m spending enough too much time on the forum to not add Discord to that.

TNP loves books.


I hate books, but then again i get migraines from small print so i cant read them anyway

TNP thinks I should get a fully original '90 Citroën XM for 3500€


True. Maybe it becomes rare one day.

TNP has a craving for tacos today, opened the fridge and saw he had tortillas…but not the ingredients for the filling.


False, I’ve been on sandwich spree today.

TNP runs a car in Automation D


False, I’m too fanceh for that (or forgot, could be either really)

TNP is a useless piece of garbage



TNP is happy OpenIV was allowed to continue