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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


The news made a great day even greater.

TNP has frozen to death in the heat, or burnt to death in the cold, either one.


Sounds Fun.

TNP wants to die in a comical manner.


This is odd but true

TNP wants to die


You know it

TNP will buy me a Cappuccino

not the drink


Would love to but im BrOkE

TNP cant stand obscenely large cars


False. I like big cars

(and I can not lie)

TNP will look out their window and post what they see.


Miserable weather, lots of diesels and boring typical Dutch townhouse :stuck_out_tongue:

TNP could do with some tomato soup



TNP is stuck in the woods for 2 weeks with 1mbs wifi


Tralse. I’m back at home from uni and I live in the arse end of nowhere where the internet peaks at 3mbs.

TNP needs to be able to walk to the shops from where they live to feel safe


False, who’s to say that walking to the shops is safe???

TNP is on night shift.


False, I’d love to as a night person. I’d love to work anyway but “not in proper condition to work” my ass

TNP is on leave


Hahahaha that’s a good one

TNP is now busy


True, with many automation related shenanigans!

TNP’s company(s) will be at this years Goodwood Festival of Speed.


True. Time to conmemorate Contendiente’s 50th anniversary.

TNP did not sleep last night.


True. Lately I’ve been sleeping every other day.

The next person hurts themselves often.


True, though not intentionally. The occasional spark that makes it through a welding jacket, or throwing my back out lifting heavy things. Or my favorite, a drop of brake cleaner traveled at the perfect parabolic trajectory to pass between the top of my safety glasses and my forehead to hit me in the eye. I can say beyond reasonable doubt that that sucked.

TNP also has an occupation where it’s easy to get hurt.


True-ish, at least if you’re not a good people wrangler. And it depends on the setting. The paramedics cop it the worst, followed by the nurses. A couple nights ago I had to physically block an intellectually disabled man from leaving the ward, so he tried to make a new doorway in the wall, with his head. Good thing he decided not to use me as a headstop, and I only had to use a relatively gentle hold on him.

Alternatively sometimes our colleagues do the hurting, during an operation I was assisting as an intern, my registrar accidentally sliced me with a scalpel. That he had used on the patient. Who had previously had Hepatitis C. (Fortunately her Hep C had actually been cured, so I was safe).

TNP has gotten cut (with a blade) before.


True, a couple of times. Once was on a sellotape dispenser, another was with a very sharp kitchen knife where I thankfully only just split the skin on my index finger. Hurt like a mofo though, and I couldn’t type for a week.

TNP likes Kendrick Lamar


True. But only time will tell what kind of turning point the album Damn, and particularly, HUMBLE, marks.

TNP has taken over a year to design a car.


False, a weekend at best

TNP has WiFi