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TV & Movie Car Challenge (Round 2) - Operation Incredible


TV & Movie Car Challenge (Round 2) - Operation Incredible

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Prologue - March 1999

Somewhere in a studio backlot in Hollywood…

Filming for Epimetheus Studios’ new summer blockbuster, the action-packed feature-length movie adaptation of (and direct sequel to) the Operation Incredible TV series (which ran from 1969 to 1974), is underway, with Mike Shore as director and Francis Westwood as executive producer. Everything is going smoothly except for one thing: they haven’t managed to find a suitable car for the climactic final chase scene set in London. They do, however, have a 1992 GEC GS4 on hand - but it will be blown up in the opening sequence, which takes place in downtown Los Angeles. This is what the car looked like before it was destroyed:

Mike and Francis, therefore, are in search of a fast sports car - specifically, the latest thing on the market - that will serve as a suitable replacement for it, for use by the film’s main protagonists, ION (Incredible Operations Network) agents Danny Hawke and Jessie Vance, during the final chase. Their list of priorities and requirements for the car is as follows:

Major Priorities

  • Sportiness - It has to be fast and agile enough to keep up with the bad guys. Enough said.

  • Styling - More often than not, if it looks right, then it is right.

  • Prestige - If the car can’t get Danny and Jessie noticed for all the right reasons, then what’s the point?

Minor Priorities

  • Drivability - The car will be driven by a team of experienced stunt drivers (including Mike’s younger brother Mark, who also serves as the lead stuntman); even so, they will be happy if they have less trouble pushing it to its limits.

  • Safety - Although stunt gear will be fitted for filming, the film crew would still appreciate a safer car in case something goes wrong.

  • Comfort - This will help make drives between filming locations more bearable.

  • Reliability - The fewer breakdowns the film crew have to deal with, the better.

All other criteria are non-priorities.

Trim requirements

  • Trim and variant years must both be set to 1999 (model year may be older).

  • Body unlock year must be 1985 or later.

  • Car must be a 2-door coupe with exactly 2 seats.

  • Maximum appropriate cost (as shown in Markets tab) of $62500 - the studio has already spent quite a lot not just on other cars for use in the film, but also for special effects. Market competitiveness in any region for any demographic is irrelevant, however.

  • Tires must be radial, cannot be off-road or semi-slick, and must have 0 quality points only.

  • Parts marked as “No mass production” must not be used (limited production parts are OK).

  • Manual transmission and RWD are both required - not just for stunt work, but also because Mike feels that drifting and manual shifting are what the audience considers “cool”.

  • Max PU/ET: 120/180

Engine Requirements

  • No V16 engines.

  • 95 RON premium unleaded required.

  • Three-way catalytic converters (either normal or high-flow) are mandatory.

  • Maximum loudness 45 (to avoid drowning out the actors’ lines).

  • Max PU/ET: 120/180

Other Requirements

  • All entries must be accompanied with an advertisement posted in this thread before the submission deadline, and vice versa.

  • The required naming scheme for model and family is: MCC 2 - (your forum username).

  • Most mods (except meme mods) are allowed.

  • No resubmissions will be accepted, unless I explicitly PM you to request a resubmission.

  • Please use the current stable branch (which I am using) for this challenge.

Rules discussion begins immediately and continues until Sunday, 29 December 2019 at midnight AEDST, at which point submissions will be accepted. The deadline for submissions via PM is midnight AEDST on Sunday, 5 January 2020.

Design Inspiration Examples

These are some examples of the most notable sports cars and supercars on sale during 1999:




Good luck… and have fun!

Edit: The period for rules discussion has ended. The rule set for this round is now finalized.

Rules update (31 Dec '19): All bodies with a drag coefficient of 0.21 or less (as shown in the body selection tab) have been banned from this competition (0.22 or more is OK). Anyone whose entry violated this rule will be given a chance to resubmit with a different body.

TV and Movie Car Challenge

150 ET cap on the trim feels a bit restrictive, especially considering the inspirations you’ve provided. Perhaps increase it to match the engine ET?
I like the theme btw.


I have bumped up the trim ET to 180, thereby matching the engine ET. If anyone comes up with another suggestion, please let me know.

Also, from this round onwards, every new round of the TV and Movie Car Challenge must be in a separate thread, in which the OP has a link to the previous round.


Urabus 70ATB

Ask yourself this, if a car doesn’t turn your client into a complete *******, are you even designing a car?


FM Phegeus GCI

Need a car that can take you from 0-60 and back in time for work? Look no further than the 1999 FM Phegeus GCI. The looks speak for itself.


Since nobody has found any more issues with the rules of this challenge, the rule set has been finalized, which means…

Submissions are now open!

As stated in the OP, you have until midnight AEDST on Sunday, 5 January 2020 to PM me your entries - but please make sure they comply with all the rules of this round.


1999 Innovation 909: Supercar performance at a bargain


KGB offering a more smooth design to compliment the company flagship Regalia.

The New KGB Prodigar X, built around the Regalia’s original V10 twin turbo sweetened with a modern refresh, for 745 peak horsepower.

Softer, smoother for the all-encompassing gentleman. A heart of fire in a body of languid refinement, a Grand Touring Coupe without equal.

The Prodigar is just as comfortable sideways on the track as in Monte Carlo cruising the Cote D’Azur.

RRP $54,000


Kiran Jinosu, with bunch of pros and cons
-Uh… The looks I guess?

-Service Cost
-Only 255hp, acceleration from 0 to 100km/h in 5.2 secs
-Uncomfortable as fuck
-Fucking $41,100



The Brantan Forge; 270MPH of British Excellence, only $53,700.
25MPG (US) Combined Cycle, Get Yours Nooooooowwwwww!


The Lister Storm body is currently broken with it’s .1 drag coefficient.


If this is true, then it would be unfair to the competitors. Perhaps we should’ve pointed out a list of broken bodies before abg7 closed the ruleset?


I only found out when I entered it for The Automation Gamer Challenge 7.


Imagine what that car would do to a wall at its top speed. It’d probably laser-cut a hole the shape of itself and soldier on!


With a 3200 horsepower engine you can achieve almost 850mph using this body.


After careful consideration, I have decided that all bodies with a drag coefficient of 0.21 or less (as shown in the body selection tab) have been banned from this competition. This includes both Lambo bodies and the Storm body mod.

Anyone who has sent in an entry whose body violated this rule has been given a chance to resubmit with a different body.


Blow the roof off.

The 1999 Shromet Dragon Spyder.


More pictures

Edit : I didn’t like much the rear view so I have changed it.


Reminder: There are less than 72 hours to go before the deadline.

If you have already shown an ad for your entry by now, do not forget to send me the corresponding .car file for it before then - and make sure it complies with all the rules stated in the OP.


presenting the 1999 Abingdon SVR 450 from Knightwick motors