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TV & Movie Car Challenge (Round 6) : Courtney private detective


Entries closed!

I received cars from:

That is to say thirteen cars. I think I haven’t forgotten anyone. Give me a few days to judge all these cars.


TV & Movie Car Challenge Round 6 – Judging

Part 1: They broke the requirements

Each of the vehicles in this section violated at least one of the eligibility criteria.

@That-S-cop – 1976 Marksman TC Sabre USDM

The producers ask for an automatic transmission… Manual gearbox is standard on this car.

@Petakabras – 1982 Bardot 200T

This car is atypical for sure: turbo engine, aerodynamic body, black plastic bumpers… But, side markers are missing and aerodynamic glass cover were prohibited at that time. That’s the reason why a US specs Citroën SM looks so ugly. Bardot submits an euro-spec car…

@TheLapTopX20 – 1977 Alba 170K

This car is the only one offered with a station wagon body. She was disqualified due to the lack of front side markers. No need to regret because fuel economy, handling, comfort and noise level were among the worst.

Part 2: The others

With a few cars out of contention due to technical violations, the following vehicles were now the only ones still being considered.

10th - @mart1n2005 - 1973 Knightwick Bravo V8 – 31,25pts

The producers really appreciated the British style of this small coupé. However, all the statistics for this car are poor: fuel economy, reliability, comfort, drivability, noise level. Therefore, they can’t select this car for the show.

9th - @Kursk - 1980 Kurskian Cassowary – 53,1 pts

This car really looks ahead of its time: painted bumpers, standard 4-speed automatic gearbox (in 1980!), three-way catalytic converter. Apart from a correct reliability and drivability, stats are poor and it’s the noisiest car.

8th - @nicholasrams774 - 1982 Hitomi 280X – 54,6 pts

The style is consistent with the era. The service cost is excellent, but the fuel consumption is high. Drivability and comfort are poor.

7th - @nialloftara - 1974 Centauri Raider 350 sport coupe – 54,7 pts

Realism for style and technology is good but the style is quite common for the era. Producers are looking for something more atypical. Fuel economy is really bad.

6th - @ variationofvariables - 1975 Yuro A3000 T-top – 65,2 pts

Pleasant look for this targa coupé. Apart from the painted mirrors, the style is consistent. Comfort is good but other stats are in the average.

5th - @conan – 1982 Basilio Tasmania Coupé – 65,35 pts

Good style realism for this European coupé. This car is technically ahead of it era with it multipoint EFI and it 4-speed automatic transmission but fuel economy does not benefit. Reliability and service cost are good.

4th - @Elizipeazie – 1982 Anhultz Dione – 69,85 pts

This car looks like a Chevrolet Citation without chromes. This is not a surprise for a European imported car. Reliability and comfort are excellent.

3rd - @GassTiresandOil - 1980 Armor Fennec – 70,55 pts

The style of this car is simple and typical of American cars of the early 80s. Fuel consumption is low, reliability is good, but comfort is below average. The other stats are average.

2nd - @ patridam - 1980 Silverhare Chupacabra Turbo – 74,15 pts

It looks like a muscle car! This car is technically ahead of its era with it multipoint EFI and it 4-speed automatic transmission. With 22.2, it is the quietest car of all! This car will be perfect for Courtney’s father.

1st - @donutsnail – Legion Gull Gold Edition – 93,3 pts

Best fuel economy, best service cost, best reliability, best comfort, best drivability! This car literally crushes the competition! The producers are excited! The boss of the TV station has reserved one for his daughter. Congratulations!


Really cool challenge and the winner truly deserves it, congrats!


Ah welp… Congrats winner


Glad to see the Legion was so well liked by the producers! I have an idea for the next installment, but I may wait for the big update to come first.


Poor stats be damned, I beat the instabin!