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[UE4] ASCAR - 1987 season. Race 5, Bristol!


That depends entirely on your tuning skills, and if I’m reading squiddy’s tone right, I shouldn’t bother entering.


Mike Wazowski!


I’m not sure how terrible my car will be, but I’m going to have fun regardless.


It looks very… toy car-ish.


I generally took inspiration from all the worst cars ever made with a few weird microcar Design features thrown in.


at least it will be interesting seeing this doing laps at daytona


It was a flying lap


Well if that’s the standard of lap times… I guess I’ll be relying on reliability and luck… :stuck_out_tongue:


Terrible accident during Testing - Driver George Eezee severely injured!

The testing phase is not going well for the Eezeemove Racing Division.
While performing a high speed oval test at the Dayona International Speedway George complained about the car having low power. He tried to compensate this by going “foot to the floor”. This strategy went good for a few laps, as told by the pit crew but not so long after the car understeered into the top wall at tirn one. The impact sent the car spinning don towards the infield where it rolled twice, resulting in George Eezee being severely injured and the car being “a pile of scrap metal”.
After waking up from coma in the hospital, the doctor told George what happened and that he will not be able to participate in the ASCAR series as a driver. He, understandably, immediately blamed it on the car with the following words:

“How the f**k could you build such an awful car!? You (probably the engineers) are responsible for the situation i am in now!! [starts crying] Why is this always happening to meeee!!! [cries more]”

  • George Eezee

Now, the Eezeemove Racing division has neither a driver (other than Jeremiah Eezee, whol still is not able to operate a stick-shift) , nor a car to enter ASCAR.
The engineers took that opportunity to create a new car with better performance across the board.
Time constrains led to the use of the older version as a base though.

“More power, better handling, increased reliability and economy… this car will be the better option for this first season of ASCAR”

  • Chief Engineer at Eezeemove Racing Division

Meanwhile, the scouting team managed to get a new driver into the group.

Martin Hollerhausen, a 28 year young man from northern Germany raced Touring cars in his home country for three years and wanted to shake his career up a bit.
His Touring car racing experience and similarity to the ASCAR he will be driving soon made him and the rest of the team confident that this season will be at least a decent one for the Eezeemove Racing Division.

I might not be the fastest driver in terms of raw lap time… but flexibility might save me in difficult situations.
However it will be, best of luck to everyone. [Smiles and confidently walks off]

  • Martin Hollerhausen

With a new and greatly improved car currently on the way to inspection and a driver with much more experience should be a great start for the 1987 ASCAR season.


make it green and you have chick hicks right there


One does not simply make a Bogliq green! :scream:


still remains his choice…
just mentioning the similarity


Can I ask a question?
How do you put the custom tracks at the folders for the UE4 version?


documents > my games > automation > Tracks
if ther is no tracks folder, create one


Robert Ross Racing: ACA Traveller Gen 3


Meet The Team: Robert Ross Racing

Main Sponsors: Dynoil Performance Motor Oil

A word from our sponsors: Dynoil Performance Motor Oil are providers high quality motor oil. With our latest patented X+ additive, your engines will run smoother than ever leading to greater reliability and efficiency. Buy only the best, Buy Dynoil.

Owner: Robert Ross Jr

Son of legendary ASCAR driver, Robert Ross, Robert Jr followed his father into racing 1957 winning at the Indianapolis 500. He would later retire in 1981 to take over his late father’s team Mercan Racing, renaming it Robert Ross Racing in honour of his father.

Team Manager: Enrico Stevens

Former Crew Chief to Taco Bell-Colemans Racing, Enrico Stevens moved to Richard Ross Racing in 1985 replacing the former Crew Chief, Daniel Page. A talented manager, Enrico managed to keep the team running during the hectic '86 season where many drastic changes were taking place.

Crew Chief: Marcello Hernandez

The teams longest serving Crew Chief, joining in 1977, Marcello Hernandez is well liked by all in the team. With a degree in motorsport engineering, Marcello, knows the ins and out of the car and is skilled in keeping the team working together.

Driver: Ryan Mitchell

Rookie driver Ryan Mitchell is one of the youngest drivers on the field. While he has had some experience driving in International Endurance Racing, this will be his first season driving in ASCAR. While inexperienced, he’s a rookie to look out for.

Meet The Car: 1982 ACA Traveller Stock Car

This ad was used to show off the new 1986 facelift of the ACA Traveller

Based on the 1982 ACA Traveller, Robert Ross Racing have been using this same chassis since 1983. With a new OAM tuned V8 and and improved aerodynamics, the new '87 Traveller should be competitive round the ovals and the road circuits.

The all new 1987 Livery for ASCAR


Some people like to tongue wag a bit and bend the rules a bit more to intimidate others. It’s the proverbial equivalent of hooking your thumbs into your belt loops and walking around with a cowboy swagger to make your balls look bigger.

Of course, if you want to use 55.34 around Daytona as a benchmark, you could do worse, I suppose. I note that somebody else really couldn’t keep their mid 54s to themselves, you could use that as a benchmark too, I suppose.


there may be some people around trying to brag with quick daytona times.
And to admit, some other teams know a sorta accurate time, which might be somewhere in the middle ground of my car as well…
But if some has mid 54s at daytona, this hast to be either illegal or at a compromise of reliability or drivability.
Personally, i am happy with how my car turned out and i do not expect it to win races as this is the first (technically second after the earlier entry before the crash of George Eezee) real race car i have built in automation.
In the end (i think) this challenge is supposed to weld the community together (pun not intended) and increase overa “car building skill”…



We should never forget these challenges are run to develop lore, have a good time and improve our tuning skills.


If I don’t have the slowest lap around Daytona, I’ll be happy. If I do have the slowest lap around Daytona, I’ll still be happy. After all, I got to play with OHV and carburettors. And I know my time is slow, but I’m hoping that on the more technical tracks, I’ll have more luck.


Please Explain! :face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking:

Is it some form of Midwest USA idiom? Or is it an 80’s car reference? :nerd_face:

Too right mate!!! I don’t like the colour green very much unless it’s a bright lime… :cowboy_hat_face: