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[UE4] ASCAR - 1987 season. Race 5, Bristol!


Cars movie.


Is it the green bad guy racecar from Cars 1 and 3?

Chick Hicks confirmed!!!

Yeah, I can see the resemblance… Maybe I’ll have to do a special edition next season! :wink::laughing:


How do you get the Daytona track?



chick hicks is the car in the first “cars” movie that rammed another car to win the piston cup


He did WHAT in his cup?!


The RM Sport 87, exclusive for American and Australian markets. 5.9L V8 with 330 HP.


Riso Motors is proud to announce an all exciting new adventure for the company in 1987, participation in the All-American classic series ASCAR. We will be teaming up with the racing legends of Dermott Racing!

This is Dan Kowalski live, for IWRC Sports from ASCAR testing. It’s only a few weeks until it’s “Engines on” for the '87 ASCAR season. Fan excitment this season is expected to be pretty high with all the new drivers and manufacturers entering, some for the first time. But let’s not to forget our old veterans in the business, who are trying new things, like the one we have right here. Few need an introduction like our one and only Lee Dermott of RM Dermott Racing, a 20 year ASCAR veteran.

How are you doing Lee, and how’s the team coming along? Are you ready?

Lee Dermott: Thanks for having me Dan, it’s looking good. We made good progress in the off-season. Just small things left to touch up on the car and we can go to racing. Our new Austrian backers, Riso Motors, produced a great engine for us and we can’t wait to see how the car does on track.

“The car is way too fucking heavy and is about as responsive as a mule. Those kraut fucks better fix the engine in time because we sure as hell can’t win with a lowe power undrivable fuel guzzler”, Lee Dermott screamed angrily as he threw a wrench through the garage. “We’re going to get fucking smoked.”

Interviewer: That’s great to hear. But we’ve heard a lot concerns about your driver, Mike Connaughan. Do you think he was the right choice? I mean, he’s known more for having a drink off than results on the track.

Lee: I won’t lie, Mike had a few issues in the past but all know when he gets it all together few can match him on track. Plus spots something in the distance the fans love him. Sorry Dan, I gotta go, someone needs me in the garage.

“Connaughan, wake up you drunk bastard,” shouted teamchef Lee Dermott, as he bashed on the side of the trailer to get his driver’s attention. “I am really fucking tired of your shit, Mike. Clean yourself up and get yourself together, we have to go testing in a few hours.”

Dan: No problem Lee, thanks for taking the time. You heard it folks, RM Dermott Racing is all set to go for an exciting new season of ASCAR. Hope to see you on race Sunday!

This was Dan Kowalski, signing off, for IWRC Sports.



Eezeemove Reveals visuals of their CFTM - public surprised of the design choices

After the unexpected crash of George Eezee, the engineers created a visually identical, but technically greatly improved version of the Eezeemove CFTM.
This more advanced version has been delivered to the ASCAR organisation for inspection and, to relieve the engineering team, passed without any alterations to make it fit into the given ruleset.
The styling elements chosen by the engineers for the race spec of the stock CFTM are a bit of a different story though.
Having opted for full lighting, non-functional indicators included, the Eezeemove CFTM is not considered a very ASCAR-looking vehicle. Instead, the design reminds the public audienceand even some other racing teams of a touring car imported from europe. This resulted in many people making fun of it and calling the CFTM “a touring car having taken a wrong turn”.
But the Eezemove Racing Division engineering team had a clearly stated reason for this unusual design.
Here are the words of the Chief Engineer Richard Flavis:

The design of the Eezeemove CFTM is completely identical and has two main reasons.
Firstly, the ASCAR is kept as close as possible to the roadgoing vehicle to maximize the recognition value of the car. Tho race vehicles might be very similar in shape and basic structure, leading to people to mix up these cars. The result is that some customers could be buying the wrong car, dropping the sales.
Secondly, we are talking safety here. The track may be illuminated by an array of flood lights, but in the rare occasion of them going dark a second time, we have a failsafe to ensure vision to our driver Martin Hollerhausen and his immediate surroundings, potentially preventing injuries or even casualties.

Now that is a clear statement there.
Hoever it might look, be it “a lost touring car” or the start of a new generation of driver safety, let´s see what the CFTM can do on the Daytona International Speedway on this weeks Sunday.


1987 RCM Regal

The new Regal is a modern take on the premium sedan. Available in sport and comfort oriented models.

ASCAR 1987 Spront RCM Regal

Team Spront with with Adam Spront III himself as the driver.


I tried to get more images but the photo mode and the controls work against, not with me.


Design is quite empty, make it richer and send it again then.


What do you mean “empty”? All my cars are boring without distinctive features.

As usual they have all the trims but are utterly forgettable.
The race car is certainly worse than the production car because who needs side mirrors and indicator lights that are pointless or driven off?

Thinking about it, the UE4 might actually make my car designs worse because the cooling isn’t tied to actual trims anymore.

Team Shromet Racing:


Powered by Mexaco.

Team Owner: Michael Justinian with factory Shromet backing.

An eccentric oil tycoon, Michael has plenty of ties to Mexaco as well as other international companies, and convinced Mexaco to sponsor Shromet’s motorsport efforts. The team regards him as too much of a slime-ball to be likable. Does Plenty of cocaine.

Crew Chief: Leonardo Hernandez

A “pour salt on your wounds” man and a former military engineer, Leonardo was picked as crew chief for his ability to relay information incredibly effectively, as well as having a firm understanding of outdated american tech.

Driver: Joseph Biffle.

A likable, charming, if not the most intelligent driver. Joseph has raced several other types of American Motorsport, such as Sprint cars, and is trying his hand at ASCAR now.

The car:

A race specific chassis of the brand new Shromet Radiant, meant to move units of the street car and draw attention to Shromet as a brand.

Shromet Radiant Advert circa 1987:


With the cooling no longer tied to vents and grills, you can put as much as you want on the car and not worry about messing up the aerodynamics. I think what Mr.Computah means by it being empty is that there is really no defining features on the car to give it an identity. The front is made up of just 4 fixtures including the license plate. That is not necessarily bad, but it looks low-effort compared to most of the other cars here. Some trim lines or lower front vents would help a lot.


seems like someone had some minor inspiration in terms of sponsoring placement
cough rear fender cough hood cough


Those are obvious places to put sponsorship. You’re not the first, you’re not the last


not meaning it in a bad way… i just saw that the font on the fender and the logo on the hood was very similar to mine… i´ll just declare it a coincidence

but apart from the sponsoring thing:
aren´t the production car and race car supposed to be the same in body variant or at least body family?
aand… the production car body doe not seem very allowed to me (wheelbase an such)



  1. Those comments would make sense if we actually had much of a choice in terms of fonts. Mine has the same font and location 2 weeks ago.

  2. No.

-Body style must be one of the three listed above - if your production car does not use one of them, you will have to make one of the allowed bodies resemble the car visually. Only the sedan and coupe variants of the bodies listed above may be used - fastbacks, hatchbacks, pickups and wagons are not allowed.
-Wheelbase must be 2.5m or bigger.
-Only wheel fenders may be morphed, with the rest of the morphs having to remain similar to the stock car.

@Elizipeazie, it’s literally foreseen in the rules that your production car can be something completely different in terms of body and variant; it just needs to resemble the production car somewhere using one of the allowed body styles.


to 1. i did not think far enough… sorry about the sponsoring stuff… i am not that good with this (N)ASCAR stuff…
but to 2.