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UE4 Exporter Update Discussion / Bugs


Well, not quite - from what I read the banks can only cancel each other’s rocking out if they have an even number of cyls per bank (ie 4/6/8 in a V8/V12/V16 as opposed to 3/5 in a V6/V10). The article I mentioned explained a 90° V8 as a sequence of 90° V2s (which apparently are perfectly balanced, albeit odd-firing) to give a perfectly balanced and even firing engine. In a 90° V10, this wouldn’t work because you would have to use split crankpins to adjust the firing interval down to 72° (the crankshaft throws would also be 72° apart), so the different timing would prevent the pistons to be in the correct positions to balance each other out. (btw afaik, the Viper V10 is perfectly balanced, but odd firing because it’s derived from a V8, so it has a 90° bank angle, but no split crankpins)

EDIT: Forget what I just said about the Viper’s perfect balance - i suspect the fifth crank throw would probably mess up the balance… guess I’ll have some more reading up to do ^^


What the hell?! I’ve completely missed this. My apologies, I’ll go wash my eyes out with bleach.


Upon completing an engineering challenge, the list of challenges jumped the queue to the foreground like this:


I found two typo’s. One of the loading screens mentions a “gismo”, and the other is this one…
2017-10-19 (1)


Ok shitposting aside, serious suggestion for discussion. I’m not 100% sure it’s not already implemented but if not, watch this…

Just an idea :innocent:



That would be so useful for competitions, comparisons, reviews etc. :slight_smile:


What part specifically would be useful? The confirm button? The multi select?


the multi select or rather the ability to only select one trim instead of the whole family


What language do you play in? This string should only show as a fallback for when your language doesn’t have a translation yet. If you play in English UK, this string reads:
“The fuel system can’t cope with the current levels of boost, reducing reliability. Try lowering boost pressure.”


Whatever the default is, I’m in Australia.

EDIT: If you run the airfield test track (at x5) but cancel it before it finishes, you still get strange numbers. Split 3 still shows first, total time is waaaaay wrong, and the car I used had a vmax of only 175 or so


What I noticed is, when you clone a trim of your already completed car the cloning process works just fine, except for the fact that all the morphing reverts back to stock form.


if you have no entertainment, drivers aids, traction aids, or safety… and move the appropriate quality sliders it still alters the stats even though there is nothing they should be affecting.


Yeah, but it makes that nothing so much better!

All joking aside, the only thing I can think of is that perhaps a lack of entertainment could still be made better by making the car quieter, and a lack of safety equipment could still be made better by improving seats/positioning/belts.

No idea about the other two though.


2003 Hatchback - 3 doors version

Apart from the large wheel flare having a deformation in the left side, the rear tyres remain narrow.


Safety Quality also affects the quality and amount of material outside of the cabin (crumple zones) and its structural rigidity. So yes, the slider should affect all kinds of stats even if you have selected None.


That makes sense, but the entertainment, power steering, drivers aids? Does the quality slider also affect the basic steering components hence the drivability alteration?


Sound deadening and more ergonomic cabin.

Maybe just more communicative steering. And in the case of unassisted steering, finding a ratio that’s quick enough, but still easy to turn.

Better anti-squat, more neutral cornering and a communicative chassis setup.


That last one is in the suspension tab.



Let me have this. :kissing_heart:


Ok, noticed that Ctrl+Z while works brilliantly in the fixture editing tab, after a few times I’ve used it i couldn’t modify any of the fixtures I’d chose afterwards, only a game restart fixes it.