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UE4 Open Beta Body + Variant Issues list


Yeah, mine looks like this now:



Is this just with re-loading a saved car from a previous version, or is this an issue when you make a new car?


80sLMP still has some funky stuff going on in the rear with Fixture stamping.


Looks like saved, re-loaded only that is broken.


10sSupercar02-Coupe isn’t entirely Equal when it comes to fixture stamping

EDIT: Showing better


This particular body can barely accommodate a longitudinally mounted V12:

For reference, here is the largest V12 engine I could fit into such a configuration:

Why not lengthen the engine bay to allow provision for really large engines, especially V16s?


Idk about V16s, but just a little nudge forward on the firewall would go a long way towards being able to fit a La Ferrari sized engine.


That body is being looked at, with regard to engine bay size and asymmetrical uv maps


80’s LM body and '02 Supercar body (McLaren) reset their fender morphs whenever I open them up

When I reset them back to what I want, some fixtures are red and unclickable, for example I cannot click this vent in my supercar after remorphing it


60sSUV_SWB body’s rear windows are broken if you put a vent next to them, I don’t know what causes it (yet).

Even when the vent isn’t even close to being inside the window it still clips:


A few vertices are missing in this front morph, leading to dimples when stretching it out. This issue is also on these two variants (the ute has it more pronounced).


Corrections made to the morphs on these. The Ute was actually quite bad, I’m surprised it took as long as it did to be reported


The morphs on this body keep resetting every time i open it, I haven’t tested the other variants so i’m not sure if they suffer the same issue


I think the 90’s Flatnose van/people mover has an identity problem. Both versions say 4950L cargo and 5980L passenger space, and I’m fairly sure you can use a windowed version for van/delivery duties, so mayhaps the body tag/penalty might need a review.

EDIT: Switching from the MPV body loses something like 150kg of load capacity… not a good trick for a delivery vehicle.


This body has spikes on the rear window trim of the cargo variant that aren’t present on the MPV variant


Nothing to do with body tags, that’s a cargo box issue that would need to be reviewed.


This body (1978 Wagon) is showing 3 doors, but in modelling is showing 5 doors…


The convertible variant unlocks in 2005 when the rest of the range is 2007.


This body has no morphs at all, while the passenger variant is fine.

Not quite a bug, but another gripe about it… The side “panels” are just recoloured windows instead of being made flush like the old kee version, and the real one.

Edit: this body is also currently missing the rear engine layout it needs.


Could this body get a larger engine bay. Right now, it cant even fit a 5L V12 yet cars at the time were using engines which were either a similar size or larger.

case and point