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UE4 Open Beta Body + Variant Issues list


Excessive lip placement on all the lancer bodies (plez remove lowering body morph)

here it is with the lowering morph

it’s way lower than 30cm i can tell, resulting in really high roll angle even with the lowest ride height setting

Thanks to this the lancer bodies will always scrape on the ground in beamng


This convertible trim is only 1 seat row despite the rest being all 2 with the exact same roof shape/size

This truck is marked as an SUV weirdly also


This body set (which includes 80sMinivanSmall) has its engine too far aft, when it should be much farther forward:


Chassis sticks in to rear wheels/suspension. Makes an endless slide in beamng by the way.

Body: BodyEditor_10sSupercar02-Coupe


You can morph body muuuuch wider than you ever will be able to extend wheels by size/offset

Body: BodyEditor_10sSupercar02-Coupe


This body has its hood morph reset by itself and I find out quite annoying since everytime I visit back the car it’ll reset.

how it should be


Body resets its morphs
Exspecially noticeable with the upper windscreen morph



Weird wheelbase alignment


I am not able to change the morphs on the panel van version of the 1975 254 cm wheelbase “70sPanelvan” (VW T3 lookalike) body. It works perfectly on the passenger van but not on the panel van.