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[UE4] Spec Series Racing Build Challenge


I did that I believe, I’m pretty sure the R86S ticks all the road car regulations…


I am an idiot, I set it to US MPG a while back and didnt notice. 100% my fault. DAMMIT


Just reconfirming … 30 MPG US or UK?


UK, I am just an idiot.


@Flamers. where is the reliability/engineering time being counted. and for engineering time is it the car plus the engine, or whichever takes longer?


Yo, tried making my post here but as a new poster I wasn’t allowed to have links and pics everywhere like everyone else is doing, so for completeness’ sake I’ll point to the reply I made on the Reddit topic about the challenge for the folks here.


@Flamers When you say the “Maximum cost of $18,000 (0% markup)”

Is it this cost

Or this one?


The cost in your Markets Tab


@droya Overall reliability (seen at the end screen) and engineering time is the highest of either (it is assumed they can run at the same time)

@vinodkrishnanr as @Vri404 said, its the cost in the markets tab (which should be the same as the 2nd screenshot)


Hey there! I’m new here.
Just gonna put up a teaser for my new car, made specifically to compete in this challenge.

It’s going to be a new brand and I’ve yet to decide the model name for this car.
Just gonna a leave a rear photo and a few specs that are relevant to this challenge.
Hope you guys like it! Criticisms or suggestions are appreciated.
PS: I am 5 months away from my engineering time, can I start from 2009? Considering I’m really happy with this build and also, I managed to convince the sponsors? :3



It needs to be under 36 months, not matter what point unfortunately :frowning:


Can it be dead on 36 months? or anything that’s less than 36? (eg. 35.9)


36.0 is totally fine!


your car is actually pretty close to the car that i’m making for this challenge right now.


Damn :frog: Spec wise or visually?
Besides, I’d have to adjust my mpg and ET. So yeah, there’s gonna be a few performance drops.


test track time, i’ve gotten mine down to a 2:07 with my race version, and a 2:20 with the road going. your car is the closest i’ve seen on here to my time.


@Flamers Should we just put the cars and .car files in here or is there somewhere else you would like them submitted?


Hotshot - RG-T29 Road Spec: Hotshot - RG-T29.car (25.3 KB)

The RG-T29 is an absolute beast on the road, doing 0 to 60 in 5.6 seconds, doing a lap around the Automation test track in 2:20, and having a brutal, 240 hp. All while maintaining a family oriented comfort and safety level with a smooth 5 speed dual clutch transmission, premium seating for four, and an advanced safety system. The perfect car for getting groceries one day, and the next racing up and down a tight, winding driving road.

Hotshot - RG-T29 Spec Race: Hotshot - RG-T29 Spec Race.car (33.4 KB)

The racing version is an ever more powerful and insane machine producing over 400 hp! Going 0 to 60 4.4 seconds flat, this crazy racing machine does the automation test track in an amazing 2:06. All of this while keeping itself very composed and easy to drive for beginning racers. This is the best choice for an entertaining and beastly race car that is also safe and easy to drive for our new and up coming drivers.


you sure you are matching the fuel efficiency requirement?


road version gets 25.3 mpg (U.S.)
race version gets 16.6 mpg (U.S.)