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[UE4] Spec Series Racing Build Challenge


bad fuel economy?


As far as I can remember, I was getting not so good eco/perf balance with VVL which is why I switched to 5 valves instead. My engine family is now locked and idk how to unlock or clone the whole family, otherwise I might have changed it up a little bit to see how it goes


you’d have to make a new engine family and then drop into the car using the little engine button up by the family and model names


@droya thanks for your help. I was about to post both of my models rn. But your suggestion might help me. I’ll spent some more time tweaking the engine again then. Thanks :heart:


no problem man


Hey man, the engine turns up more or less great, but there’s always a catch (eg bad eco, overprice, low perf). I can’t seem to find the perfect balance like I am getting in my 5 cam setup. I have a lot to learn about cars. There’s probably something I’m doing wrong. I’ll study about variable timing later and see if I can improve. For the time being I’ll post an initial version of my cars the way they were.


Alright, sound good


Alright, here goes, my first ever submission to a challenge (or perhaps a car submission) in the automation forum. There might be a few changes in case anything goes wrong or I find any ways to improve the cars but here they are. let me know your thoughts on them.

The Vector Motorsports and Engineering Presents: The AardVark GT Sport, a budget track car that looks as stunning as a car worth 3x the price.
Having only a 2L V8 engine with two rather small turbos, you wouldn’t expect this car to go very fast. But the engineers at Vector have squeezed every drop of juice out of the engine and have tuned the car in a way that you get the best bang for your buck. It’s reliable, it’s safe enough to save you from accidents, and it has Electric Variable Power Steering and top notch a Driving Aid system. Semi slicks let the car control it’s massive power delivery, although you could switch to sports compounds and it’ll still work great.
Also, the reliable 5 speed manual gearbox setup just can’t be wrong.
Although there are some compromises. Don’t expect this car to be very comfortable, as it has standard seats with no infotainment systems onboard.
However, the aluminium semi space frame body along with rear pushrod suspensions would make sure that it is drivable enough for somewhat experienced drivers while keeping pro drivers happy with it’s sportability. It’s not an extreme gas guzzler too, as it does only 17.7 mpg (US).
But the car actually shines at the circuit.
the 0-100km/h time is 4.9 seconds, that’s something you won’t get in many premium coupes.
the car can go to 80-120km/h just under 2 seconds.
And it can travel a kilometer within 22.5 seconds in full throttle.
100-0km/h distance is just under 31 meters.

Now for the big bang: It can cover a whole lap around the automation test track in 2:07:26 only

let that sink in a little bit.
So, are you going to cheap out more on yourself and buy a cheaper so-called track car, or are you going to go full on premium track car only to realize how unreliable they are and how costly the servicing is?
Or are you going to stay in the middle ground and buy the all new 2010 AardVark GT Sport?

Vector AardVark - GT Sport.car (29.2 KB)

Now for the road car version:

The AardVark Premium Coupe, the standard base model of the AardVark range of vehicles. It costs close to a low end Jap sedan or a Euro/American City Budget car. But do not let the price fool you, as this is a complete premium coupe car targeted towards those who want a premium city car, a budget premium car, a premium budget sports car or a well equipped family sports car.
It shares the same trim body as it’s track cousin, but the fixtures are different and more city use oriented. The lights have been expanded for better city and urban use, the girlls have been made to look aggressive but not too much, the lack of a wing is due to the sculpted rear of this car, which acts as a spoiler itself. The exhaust also have been tuned to be more low profile.
Equipped with various premium features such as premium SatNav, 4 premium seats, quality ESC and Electronic Variable Power Steering, and safety measures that are more than enough for city or urban usage. Medium Compound Tires, Progressive springs and Active Sway Bars make sure that you’re getting a smooth ride all the time.
The car is equipped with dual clutch 6 speed gearbox that lets even new drivers control the car very easily. FWD and open diffs are equipped rather than the conventional RWD/LSD setup. This is our way of cutting costs so you can afford a premium car at such low prices while we deal with the engineering so you don’t have to feel you compromised at all.
The brakes equipped are powerful enough to stop the car quickly while not compromising on passenger comfort. Also, the 2 liter 5 cam Twin Turbo engine makes the car no slouch at speeds, as it reaches 200 hp and 214nm of torque.
It does o-100km/h in 6.55 seconds and back to 0 under just 37 meters. So not only this is a premium coupe that is affordable, but it’s a sports car too.
And all that doesn’t really cause the car to be inefficient when it comes to fuel consumption, unlike most premium sport coupes. This car can do 33.65 mpg(US) and can save more if driven conservatively. The car is practical enough for daily use and can do minor utility/offroad work. Be careful! The ride height has been kept low for reasons, so don’t go jumping into offroad tracks without tuning the suspensions.

You could always look for cheaper options, boring looking hatchbacks or sedans with no consideration of comfort or a premium feel. Or you could have a look at the more expensive ones, spitting gas, containing unnecessary features that 80% of the consumers would never use and breaks the bank in a whim.

Or are you smart enough to join the revolution of premium coupes that are reliable, affordable and are versatile?

Vector AardVark - Premium Coupe.car (25.0 KB)

That’s it folks. Honestly, I was doing all these just for fun, this is my first try. Wasn’t being too serious. But I had a lot of fun building these cars. I hope to learn more about designing cars (including aesthetics) in this game. Be sure to give me suggestions if you have any. Put a like if you think it’s good for a first try. And of course, peace!


umm, hate to tell you this, but you’re over priced on both cars, the road version is over by 164$, and the race version is over by 38$.


@droya seems okay here :confused:


that’s weird, i even re-downloaded to check, it still says it’s too expensive.


Even the color on your version doesn’t look right, I had a turquoise-ish pearl color. Is this some version conflict thing?


maybe, but the color can be explained because i’m playing on the lowest graphics.
But i am running the dx10 version


I see, should I wait for someone else like @Flamers to check it too?
or Should I just assume there’s a problem on my end?


wait for him to check it, if it passes on his end it’s fine, but just keep in mind ye might need to change it a little


It’s okay I can do that. Initial versions are never perfect. I’m very fine with doing revisions. Again thanks for your help man! You’ve been doing a lot :heart:


you’re welcome


VVL is possible with 4-valve DOHC, but not 5-valve DOHC. Keep that in mind when deciding whether or not you need (or want) to use VVL.


I’ll be checking it tonight when I get in from work :slight_smile:


I’ve been playing the kee engine version since mid 2016 (I think), so I guess I know that much :sweat_smile: Like I said, I didn’t want VVL for this particular build. Thanks anyway.