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[UE4] The 2043 Infiltration. [CLOSED]


Some Semi-Thematic Music

The Wind howls down the alley way. Her jacket flutters in the wind. She’s waiting. Bored. She knows it’s too cold to be out here, waiting for him of all people. The distant sounds of police sirens make her slightly anxious. It’s almost midnight. What is taking him so long. Finally, the light hum of a patrol car fills the alley.
“You’re late.” She huffed at the driver. Wordlessly the door flipped open, and she carefully climbs inside. The driver hands her a folder, marked [Classified].
“What have I gotten myself into this time?” She questions out loud. The driver, yet again, stays silent, and continues his course.
“Section Actual, this is Indigo 4-2 requesting permission to enter Delta-Echo-Alpha-Delta Station”
“Roger that Indigo 4-2, permission granted.” The patrol car drives through the gates. She’s not been back to Dead Station in a long while. This cannot be good.

Mika Kazuke
28 Years of age
Agent for New Tokyo Investigation Agency
Current Task: [To Be Identified]
Info: Mika Kazuke is a 2nd generation NTIA agent. Her mother was one before her. Mkia’s specialization is investigating the many street leagues that keep popping up over New Tokyo. This is her first task since her injury over a year ago. She has one of the best records in the NTIA, with over 100 arrests and case closes in her 8-year career. Although, from what she’s gathered, this task is going to be different.

Agent 752016, Mika Kazuke
The Street League, Kaizuka 6 have been moving around for over a year now. They’re a menace to the infrastructure of New Tokyo. You are to source an applicable car, infiltrate their gang, and find out who runs the show. From what we’ve gathered, the target is known as ORAX. Find, and shut down, this group. No matter the costs. We’ve given you a sum of money to buy your car. Good luck Agent.

The Rules

Body + Trim
Year set to 2020
HOWEVER, bodies must be from 1975 to 1995

PU max of 75
ET max of 100
95 RON Unleaded Fuel Required, no bonus for going under.
Loudness OVER 40 but UNDER 80
No Race Intake

No Automatics
Minimum of 5 gears.

No Semi-slicks
No Drums

2 seats at minimum
Requires Some Power Steering
ESC required, LC wanted
At least Standard 10s Safety

Fuel Eco
Under 13L/100km (Over 18mpg [us])

Trim PU under 150
Trim ET under 125
MAXIMUM Price $35,000 @ 0%

Name Scheme
Model & Engine: 2043 - Username
Trim & Engine Var.: Free

Here’s some food for thought, to really help set the mood for this challenge, and what I want the cars to somewhat look like, too.

Yes, this is a cyberpunk design challenge. Have Fun, and don’t half ass it, please.

Deadline is Saturday, 14th of April, 2018 at 12am NZST (11am UTC)

Have Fun


Cyberpunk? Sign me up, it’s time to go through the Perturbator and Gost albums again and come up with something :smirk:


What about traction control and ABS? Are either of those required or at least recommended?


TC is covered by ESC so “LC or not LC, that is the question!”. :smiley:


guessing and hoping that mods are allowed


Oh, yes, of course.


I may have an idea or two I could work with… 80’s is somewhat my thing, so modern car, 80’s design… Then add three scoops of crazy.




I’m wondering. Why does she need more than 2 seats ?


Probably for carrying an entourage. She might need to have more than one other person accompanying her behind the wheel most of the time.


So, I’ve come to the thought to remove the +2 rear minimum rule, as it does cut out the mid-engined bodies.


So, since no-one has any issues with the rules as they stand, I will open up this challenge.

Deadline is Saturday, 14th of April, 2018 at 12am NZST (11am UTC)

Have Fun


Maybe a dumb question, but are we trying to make the fastest car possible within the limits or just the best car?


You can decide your own aproach.


Oh yeah I love this, I was waiting for a competition like this!

@Vri404 we just have to send you a car? No need to share it here?


Yep, just PM me the file


How to get some sick decals?


Edit the image after you render it in photo mode; looks actually pretty nice.


also why does my photo mode editing look trash

edit: cant see rules about quality @Vri404


yes and? There’s a budget limit.