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Ugly or weird cars you think look cool


That looks great. Really aggressive.


but what modern car is

I think only the civic type R went for the “all the vents and wings = hot hatch design” school of thought (And in all honesty, it looks like a regular civic just crashed through a ricershop). The best hot hatches actually look like hatches. Golf R, Focus ST, etc etc


I want that…no I need it in my life. That looks awesome


Nobody mentioned the Mazdaspeed 3.


Chevrolet Chevette all of them


Not sure why but I’ve always found the Daewoo/Chevrolet Lacetti to be one of the better looking hatchbacks of it’s time


The best looking Daewoo in my opinion is this:

Such a simple and clean design. Much better looking than the Giugiaro blob styling they stuck with in the late 90s.


Alfa Romeo 33 Cuneo Concept

looks like something from speed racer


I will agree to that. Very minimalistic, but something appealing in it


Céleste The 2CV


You only think it’s ugly because it stands next to a Montreal - there are only few cars that don’t look ugly next to a Montreal :wink:


That I agree


Austin A35 Pick-Up


Hey - the A35 isn’t ugly - not even as a pickup.


i posted it because i like how it looks thats the point of this thread


It looks kind of like some of my creations


That’s because Austin used that 1955 small family car body template to create the A35.


1985 merkur xr4ti


How about the Ford Sierra Cosworth?