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Ugly or weird cars you think look cool


AMC Eagle

A station wagon on a 4WD chassis, AMC beat the world to the crossover craze by over twenty years. (Personally I don’t find this car ugly)


That car is just “Look at my headlights, Im a Nissan GTR but smooth, but Im not, im a sedan, and a crossover SUV, my doors are mazda RX8 so Im a 4 door coupe, WOO I DONT KNOW WHAT I AM HELP MEEEEE”


El Vocho taxi (mexican beetle taxi)

Its cute


Meyers Manx the classic dune buggy


nissan y30 wagon


Panther 6 - the rear overhang is massive, to accomodate the 600-hp, twin-turbo 8.2-liter Cadillac V8. And the 6 wheel arrangement is pretty gimmicky. But overall, I think this car is the epitome of cool. I just wish they’d have had the money (and the right tire supplier) to put it into production.


On a similiar note, I’ve always loved the Ford Fab 1


Malaise woody wagon. But it’s from Japan. WTF.


That was for the Thunderbirds live-action film, not the TV series that spawned it. Still very outrageous though.


I know thought it was american at first.


Dear God Nissan made a Roadmaster.


A more boxy Roadmaster with a twin turbo 6 (not the RB, but that can be remedied…). Sounds like the best of all worlds.


Bmw 1600 ute


Known as The Subaru GL, Loyale Leone and a couple of other monickers.


Mercedes Benz C 111-1

Mercedes Benz G550
Some people find it too boxy


The top one looks sweet, the G Wagon maintains that '70s era UN ambulance look.


The C111 is not ugly at all, in my view at least. It still looks like a futuristic spacecraft more than 40 years after it debuted. As for the G-Wagen… it’s not conventionally beautiful, but not really ugly either, and maintains the same butch and thuggish appearance it has had since 1978.


Citroën CX 25


gen1 honda insight


I can not agree more on that, I don’t even really find it good to look at but it’s just so unusual I like it