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Ugly or weird cars you think look cool


The E60 was quite the marmite car, I think it was somewhat ahead of its time, mainly in ‘M-Sport’ guise.

Also I desperately want an E61 M5 Estate car :joy:


Phwoar yes maximum want, defeats the point of the Prius but I need that in my life.


The gen 1 prius ain’t bad


The only Prius I think is really ugly is the current gen. The 2nd gen is just meh, and I actually like the 3rd gen’s styling.


The first generation at least looks like a car. After that they stuck with the scrotum shape.


I actually really like the first gen, it looks the best and from what I understand is basically an echo with some batteries, can’t imagine a better hybrid than that! :smile: If batteries weren’t so fucking expensive relative to the value of the car I might consider one tbh.


If the battery in a Gen1 seems so relatively expensive to you, I want to know where you’re getting the car so cheap.


Oh how badly you’ll be disappointed to meet your automotive hero. Know a guy who runs an e60 m5, he is in the process of buying back his old e39 M5 and selling the e60.


Well IIRC about 1.5-2 years ago there was a Gen1 Prius for sale up the road from me, I think they were asking somewhere around $500-750 (about $402.78 US/296.83 Pounds to $604.17 US/445.24 Pounds) for it but it needed a new Main/Hybrid Battery Pack, I’m Not sure what one would cost nowadays but according to this:
as of 9 years ago the MSRP for a 1st gen Prius Battery Pack was $2399 US (about $2978.19 Canadian/1767.94 Pounds), so about $3478.19-$3728.19 (about $2801.89 US/2064.85 Pounds to $3003.28 US-2213.27 Pounds) For Car+Battery Pack, then there might be added costs on top such as Taxes & Safety/E-test(Similar to MOT in the UK, But here the Safety/Roadworthyness test is only once during ownership with the exhaust emissions test being Either 2 Times a Year to every 2 years)+Whatever other stuff would have needed to be fixed.


As you say, that’s 9 years ago and MSRP, if you go down the Toyota route. I can get a reconditioned entire battery pack here with a warranty for £400, and often a good Mk1 is around the thousand pound mark, I’ve seen them needing batteries for closer to what you saw that one for. A Mk1 and a replacement battery could easily be had here on the road for £1000.

If you’re handy with diag kit, 9 times out of 10 it’s just one cell module that goes duff anyway, those can be had for £20-£30 and it’s not a horrendous job to change them. Lots of taxi drivers do it this way, they will buy a full pack from a crashed one or keep one from a crashed taxi, and those cells are used to keep the other Priuses going on the cheap. The fact they use NiMh cells rather than Lithium based for the majority of the Prius range helps the cost a fair bit.

Anyway, thread’s being derailed now, crack on with the uglies. :smile:


You can get them for like $500 working well other than the battery but to get he battery done you might as well get an echo and if you ever want to sell it again good luck getting more than $1k

Did not know that you can service individual cells, in that case then maybe one day if a nice 190D doesn’t show up.


I’ll be looking forward to having it sit in a garage 8 months a year because it requires a driveline rebuild! Hopefully the remedy of full throttle combats the clunky transmission :joy:




I think a table would be safer.


It’s because the G-Wiz is small enough to be a quadricycle, and hence exempt from car safety laws.


…thus making it unfit for USDM safety standards, which seems to be NULL at its absolute worst
as for its size, it’s quite similar to that crazy circus wagon of sorts, the Tata Nano.tn


smart fortwo


You know, come to think of it, I’m not sure I find the Smart aesthetically displeasing at all :confused:. I think I’ve just grown to associate that car with ugliness because its the carriage of choice for far out extremist liberals who are too busy preaching about conformist [ideology goes here] and how they find literally everything offensive to consider that not everyone is like them or has their same needs.

That car would have probably been completely acceptable were it not for the name. Its styling is what it is because of its size and its not really ugly all things considered. And functionally the car makes sense if you’re single or married without kids. But you tack the name “Smart” onto it and suddenly you’ve created a mobile icon of passive aggression that emanates ridicule, boldly boasting its superiority to other motorized transportation even in spite of both their different vocations and necessity. When you become the symbol of passing judgement and condemning others simply because they’re different than you, it doesn’t matter what you look like. Whatever you look like is now considered ugly.

Why couldn’t they have just picked a different name :roll_eyes:?

EDIT: Changed wording. Sounded too disparaging.


It started as a car from a watchmaker, Swatch.

Swatch Mercedes ART


I’ll stick with a Peel P50. If I want a small car, I want to be serious!