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Ugly or weird cars you think look cool


Have mercy. It looks like motorised depression.


The first Cadillac since 1914 to have a four cylinder. The first Cadillac since 1908 to have an engine smaller that 2.0L displacement. So… history right? Great answer to the question of how can I spend more for a Cavalier?


A friend of mine had a red 1990 Cavalier until a couple months ago. I got to drive it too. Even with the 3 speed slushbox, it was entertaining.


We had one of those in our household when I was 6, in brown. All I remember of it was that the color was the color of the rust all over it, the heater and the air-conditioning didn’t work, it had that old-car-smell of unburnt fuel and thousands of miles of farts in the tan seats, and Dad used to spend most of any drives in the car cursing about the automatic.


Fantastic piece of Malaise I spotted at my local Cars and Coffee. It’s square and oddly proportioned and gorgeous. (8th gen Thunderbird)


Now that’s some goodness. I definitely want my next ecobox to be a malaise era model.


Bizzarrini manta




What about the srt-4



I still say the 1st gen Neon is a decent looking car. Totally not biased at all.


While I wouldn’t say the Cadillac Crossovers otherwise look like anything more than an average chinese SUV-thingy, the XT4 is a very rare (as far as I am aware) new car that actually has vertical rear lights at the top of the rear and I personally like it a lot, a feature that used to be very common especially in smaller cars.


Speaking of Cadillac crossovers, I find the first gen SRX a smart looking car that has aged well (apart from the interior)


My family looked at an SRX before we bought our 2008 Pacifica but avoided it due to reliability issues.

On the other hand, personally I really like what Cadillac has been doing recently. The CTS, CT6, XT4 and XT5 all look fantastic in my opinion. Art & Science is working well for them.


Looks like an XC-70 to me


ford festiva / kia avella


Pontiac Aztek. Ok, design is … unusual, but I find it cool. Also it has cool interior and it is reliable (my friend owned this car, there were no big problems with it). Most people say that it is ugly. But new cars are becoming uglier from year to year. And I want to show you a good example- Toyota C-HR. Feel the difference.




I’ve always said it that the Aztek was just a few years ahead of its time. No one would look twice at it if it released today, it’d just be another large crossover or SUV.


I personally think the CH-R looks cool, especially in that yellow.

Another SUV I like is the Lamborghini Urus, but with the diamond-shape wheels, rather than the ugly 10-spokes.


Point proven.


I’d go as far as to say the Aztek is better looking than the Eclipse Cross even. More than likely a far better car too.

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