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UR4 crashes on startup


Hi, I have not had any luck with the latest update.

First off, my pc is as basic as they come and is not optimized for gaming at all. (I don’t have time to play much so I don’t want to spend $400+ on a upgraded pc) So I’m going to bet this is where my issue is stemming from

Ok basically I load the steam version, prompts me with the option to load the UR4 version, black screen for 1 min or so, then the title screen pops up, music starts… Then all hell breaks loose, music turns into the sound of Satan and the pc is completely unresponsive (have to manually turn it off each time)


I don’t know how to edit files or anything of that matter. I’ve tried reading on forums but I cant make head or tails out of any of it without some sort of guide.

Basically I need to know what are my options, OR if I MUST upgrade my pc, what the BASICS I will need to run this game. Like I said above I’m not a hardcore gamer, If I must run the game on the lowest graphic setting that is fine with me. Just want to be able to play.

So if someone could link me a guide or website where I can (last resort) buy a new pc.

Or maybe I’m doing something wrong, I was told that even a 8 year old pc should be able to run this game. And mine while very basic is only a couple years old (I can get a model number later to confirm) so i want to see if there are other options.

Thanks for you help- Ishliss


I don’t think it’s the game’s fault.
I have a good pc, I5 4460 and RX480 8gb,
and, same as you, Black screen for 1min-30secs then menu and all works well.
I’m on Win 10 creator’s update btw


We would need to know your exact operating system and system specs. If you’re on Windows, follow these steps

  1. Windows key + R
  2. Type in msinfo32
  3. Wait for it to load and now simply hit PrtSc (print screen).
  4. Come here and reply to this thread. In the text box of the reply, press ctrl + V

If you’re not on Windows then you’re out of luck (although with the price you indicated it’s unlikely to be a Mac :stuck_out_tongue:) unfortunately. :smile:


No luck on the “msconfig32” just asks me if I’m spelling it right lol like I said I’m not computer savvy, probably not doing something right. And i am running windows 10.


Would typing in “about my pc” and using that information work? I’m really leaning towards a new pc. Anyone have a link to a PC that should have no issue running this game? Cheaper the better lol


My apologies, I am an utter idiot. It’s msinfo32, not msconfig. My mistake, not yours, I’m really sorry :joy:


Well you could look at this https://pcpartpicker.com/list/qHLcLD it’s a list I made for a friend, kinda cheap and you’ll be able to run Gta or fallout 4 on medium - high 1080p 60fps




hope this helps, and thanks for the link ill put that on the top of my list of we cant find a solution.


lol np


what is your GPU?


Like i said above I’m not tech savvy, no idea what that even is lol


I find a game i like i click download, I’m a simple man.


Your Graphics card, man. It’s not being tech savvy or whatever, It’s the fckin 2nd most important compo of your pc XD


I know absolutely nothing about the components of a PC so your gonna have to excuse my ignorance.


It’s the Thing that makes Things on screen appear. If you open your pc do you see a long thin white slot like this

if there is a card in it then you have a gpu


by looking up my model # it says it has “intel HD graphics”


there we have it then. An UE4 game can’t be handled by intel HD graphs. Grosso Modo Intel HD are graphics integrated to the main board. You’ll need at least a 750ti from Nvidia to run decently this game :confused:


Thanks for your help, figured it was an inferior pc. Guess ill pony up the cash to upgrade :frowning:

Do you have the link to the required info needed to run this game? Going to take the info to a local pc shop and have them build me one that will run this game.

Thanks again.