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UR4 crashes on startup


Glad to hear you got it sorted and are able to enjoy it. Cheers!


Having issues where if I select the year too quickly it crashes the computer, its quite annoying lol

also I HATE the new RON/AKI system when building my engine. The values shown on the left side of the screen do not make any sense.

ex. I am running an engine that runs 86aki, ill adjust all I can until I reach knock. BUT the fuel rating that it shows on the side will say 90.3 or something like that. MAKES NO SENSE! only way I can decipher my exact AKI is by going clear to the end of the detail tab when building the car. Which I wouldn’t be able to see if I was building an engine only.

I have also found a lot of different values to make much more sense and much more ergonomic in the previous version.

Sorry for the long winded reply but this has been driving me up the wall lol