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Vehicle Body suggestions


the citroen 2cv might be a great one, since there is hydropneumatic suspension in the game


The 2CV never had hydropneumatic, the DS though…

Maybe some modder will read this, so for running a realistic car company I feel that some alternatives are missing:

60/70s minitruck body, they were all the rage back then but there is no good alternatives that look up to date, running bodies from the 40s or 50s until the early 80s is a bit boring…

60/70s bonneted van, think like Ford Transit, Mercedes 307 or some of the mid 70s US vans.

80s forward control minivan, like the Toyota Liteace or Nissan Vanette. The 40s small van body appears very dated in the 80s.

Late 80s superminis and compacts. There is the squared off alternatives in the early 80s and then almost nothing until the mid 90s. If you think shapes like the Micra K11, Polo Mk3, Corsa B or similar for the superminis, and shapes like 90 series Corolla, Golf Mk3 or similar for the compacts. Now there is really no good alternatives if you’re making a small car in the late 80s because boxy designs were starting to look dated already by then.


A 70s minitruck body is coming at some point, for now there’s the pickup variant of the Scout.

70s vans are needed and should come eventually. I’m planning to remake my econoline from kee at some point.

There’s an Alphard body in kee that will be updated at some point, but for now you can put an engine in the front of the VW T3.

All the late 80s/90s hatches are in the kee version, they should come into UE4 at some point. Back in the kee days, I thought there were too many hatches for the 90s compared to everything else in the body selection.


Sure, the T3 and Scout is a bit big though. But this is only some of my reflections, not me shouting “I REQUIRE THOSE NOW!”. :slight_smile:

I only had the engine builder in Kee many years ago and started playing the full game when UE4 had appeared so my knowledge about the Kee version is small.