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Vehicle Body suggestions


The van version already exists in kee, so just wait for that one to get added. Pickup variants (single and double cab) would be nice though.


Moar pickups in general. Of all sizes and generations. They’re so few and far between, you have to use an inappropriate 40’s/50’s body all the way into the 70’s, then once there, there’s almost no variation until the mid 80’s, and again almost no variation once you get to the '00’s.

And I know this has been said before, but actual Kei bodies. :stuck_out_tongue: Even the Mini is a bit on the girthy side.


I agree with you fully. The 50s truck body feels out of place after the mid-60s. Also, the mid-80s truck body seems dated by the turn of the millennium.


The game doesn’t really have any offroader style bodies (Lamborghini LM002, Hummer H-Series, etc.) so I figured I’d display some examples.

This is because I feel this game needs offroaders.


2010s compact pickup

1980s/90s compact pickup (this one’s based on a hatchback!)

And a few more 90s homologation bodies (think jaguar xjr-15 or Nissan r390)


You want a compact pickup?
That’s the way to go.


We need more 40’s and 50’s American-styled cars, if I’m going to be perfectly honest.


We have 1 1950s American sedan in the game, so yeah I agree with you on that.


Some late 1930s cars 'aught to be considered since in the dev update video, the history graph starts at 1936, so I figured it should be logical to have 1930s cars…specifically, late 1930s cars.


You can only build from 1946 onward in the game (it’s post-WWII), so there isn’t really a point to 30s cars unless they were built well into the 1940s or 1950s. There are some late 40s cars similar to those you’ve posted that should be in the game, though.


It could be modded in as a “1940s” car as a kind of work-around to that in my opinion… It was worth a shot, though…

I believe the earliest year present for a body style in sandbox mode is 1940.


What the game (UE4) lacks is a small pickup / suv body (3-3.5 meters in total length) for the budget off-road market, like nowadays the Suzuki Jimmy and the Jeep Willys from the 1940’s. The Kee engine had only one type of body like that in the 1980-1985.

Edit: Suzuki has a car series named Jimny, not Jimmy.


Oh oh oh a big angulous not rolls Royce ghost body


SUV/crossover invasion. And moar Mazda, they know how to design good shapes. Modern, Xedos blobs, 323F (BA and BG), cute little nonsense known as 121. Bentley in any amount, for non-American superluxury in a proper size.


BTW I know how to model in 3D, what softwares and what formats does Automation use ? Might start modelling if I get the time some day.


There are some tutorials somewhere on the forum I think… 3DS Max surely works… that is, produces files that can be then used to create Automation mods. As for actual working opinions vary :stuck_out_tongue: Also Automation Discord will be very helpful.


I usually work on fusion 360. STEP files or OBJ files would surely work


This link should help:





A Lot of the bodys we don’t have from the kee engine build of the game