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Vehicle Body suggestions



Chevy Corsica body would be nice


European style lorry chassis would be a great addition both a rigid 7.5 tonner and a standard 2 axle tractor unit, would add a bit of variety :slight_smile:

Need somewhere to stick the huge engines you can make :joy:


I don’t think a semi truck would be an appropriate addition to this game - why not come up with an actual car instead, one that hasn’t been discussed yet?


This is a HUGE pretty please (with sugar and a cherry on top!)

Triumph Herald (saloon, convertible and estate)

Triumph Vitesse (saloon and convertible)


@AGR_Flynn11 I’ve been working on an artic design in SolidWorks. Yet to port it over to Blender. But, I am hopeful I shall eventually be the one to put one in the game. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d like to put in a request, actually, for more weird and unusual ideas. Things we don’t see today because they were deemed ‘too difficult’ back when they were originally thought up.

An example would be 4-door convertibles. Yes, I know, they’re really flimsy in the middle in real life, but I think with modern technology, it could be something brought back. After all, those old body-on-frame land-boats often had stupidly long doors.

Another example could be to take some inspiration from the more-tame Hot Wheels cars, with their often aggressive lines, swoopy styling, and still having some resemblance to actual cars, even if they’re completely custom.

Also, we need more vehicles representing the various nations scattered throughout the years, and not just the sports-cars. We need the mundane and boring, the family sedans and wagons, the vans, the trucks.


If someone suggests a Falcon, then I will gladly suggest a Commodore as an alternative:

Specifically, I’m talking about the AU Falcon’s main rival, the Commodore VT. I’m mentioning them because there is currently a distinct lack of E-segment bodies (with a wheelbase between 2.75m and 2.85m - think A6 C4, Jag S-Type, second-gen Lexus GS/Toyota Aristo, E39 5-series or W210 E-Class) that would look appropriate for the late-90s/early-2000s time period - the only such body we already have, that looks like it belongs in the 90s, is the small Crown Vic body (90sSedanLarge03, with a 2.69m wheelbase) and I think its slab-sided looks (it’s unlocked in 1987) make it seem increasingly dated later in the decade, let alone in the edge-crazed early 00s. This is jarring considering that we already have period-appropriate D- and F-segment bodies to choose from. And it should be offered in multiple body styles (coupe, sedan, wagon and ute), just like its real-life counterpart.


Not sure if this has been requested before, but a body like the 2011 Subaru Impreza WRX STI would be nice. I’d like to see both the hatch and sedan versions included, as well as a front end morph to reduce the overhang.


can you make a ds


City bus

School bus

Semi truck

Edit: i just read #5 on asked questions


out of luck, sorry man


1973 Nissan Skyline GT-R. Old-School JDM Legend.

1970 Chevy Camaro. My favorite of them all…in it’s original concept form, that is.

1984 Audi Sport Quattro. King, Lord and Master of the rallying world (Shown in its alternate Factory Race Team livery)

2017 Ford GT. 'Nuff Said (I’d rather have it with a Twin-Turbo “Coyote” motor in it but…)




One body that I would love to have in game would be something that resembles a Ferrari 250 GTO / Alfa Romeo Guilia TZ2 / Opel GT. There is currently no coupe body in game that has this kind of front profile.


this my sound greedy, but I’d appreciate if you could do a Citroen DS body?"


Why not a S-max first generation body please :wink:


MX-5 NA (89)

MX5 NB (99)

MX5 NC (09)


NA is quite iconic but Im not sure there’s much use in the NB/NC bodies, especially the NC considering we already have a small coupe/convertible body from the mid 2000’s


There was already an NA MX-5 body present in the earlier Kee version. It should be ported over to UE4 4.21 as soon as possible.


Both the late 90s and late 00s coupes are very inward tapered (and in the case of the 00s one, curved vertically) and they have quite sharp body morphs. I think the MX5s have less definition so don’t dominate the overall design and are similar enough to allow you to redesign the same car from 95 all the way to 2012 without age penalties.