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Velocità Automotive


Velocità Automotive


Velocità, straight up just 'Speed' in Italian, founded in the early 1960s to make sports and racing vehicles to compete against leading companies. Nowadays making more practical, but less cute cars... They used the be much cuter. Now they're angry, oh dear...

Current Lineup

Sports cars
-1960 430 LR (300a)
-1966 740 (400RR / 550RR)
-1967 LS600 (T80)
-1967 581 (320/4 / 581/2)
-1974 Intercettatore (600RE)
-2020 Velocità e (300)
-2020 430 LR (500t)
-2020 Agressiva Uno
-2020 NC (250)
-2020 Celestile GT
-2020 Prosperare NS
-2020 Superficiale Concept
-2020 Conviviale (40)

Utility cars
-1962 360m (Prototype)
-1962 Roam (30t)

Standard cars
-1962 Roam (30d)
-1966 Capo (E25)
-1969 Ocelot (80L)
-1969 Agrume (450k)
-2020 Conviviale (300 / 500)

Luxury cars
-2020 Celestiale (MDE300 / MDE500)

Car Company Directory
This post was removed because bad car


I understand that this is an italian vehicles, but the SH 200 is a LITTLE expensive for a hatchback the goes 0-60 in 11 seconds.


Also, 15/100km is 15.6mpg. I’m not trying to be rude or anything but, for the power it got and what it is, that’s very low fuel efficientcy for a hatchback. You can get a Camaro for cheaper with better economy


Honestly, I just made a car I thought looked good, gave it an engine I with the right hp I want for that variant and called it a day. All the extra details like MPG or fixtures or whatnot are just for the sake of extra details that make this page that little bit more professional in my opinion.


there must be something wrong with the engine if its performing that badly. Probably knocking


Now I’m not saying it’s a terrible car, but you should really focus on engineering as much as designing as it leads to it performing well (in game and on the forums). The car does look nice yes with a couple spots that look a bit weird, but the main problem is it’s price and performance. Try focusing more time on engineering as well, and try to get over 110 at least in the markets.


A base price in the low-$20k range and average economy figures of 35 to 40 US mpg (at minimum) are what you should be aiming for when making a compact car like this.


2020 Agressiva Uno

One of a kind, the Agressiva is one of Velocità’s unique concept cars, alike to the e and the 360m. Wielding a mighty 573hp V6 with a 0-60 of 3.90 seconds! The entire car is made of carbon fiber, including the brake discs. It costs $52800 to make but is priceless as, y’know, it’s not for sale. A one of a kind hypercar, you don’t see Velocità doing many of those, do you?

Engine: 573hp Agressiva Uno V6 | 0-60 in 3.90 seconds, 308km/h top speed
Transmission: Longitudinal AWD | 9 speed Adv.automatic
Fixtures: Carbon, carbon everything
Classification: Hyper
Fuel Economy: Very, very bad.



2020 NC Line

You might see this car and think, “Is that an Agressiva Uno but a hot hatch??” The answer is yes. 303hp fuel economy that isn’t the equivalent of dog shit, and a 0-60 of 5.22 seconds that doesn’t carry the burden of being stupidly expensive.

Engine: 303hp NC 250 I4 | 0-60 in 5.22 seconds, 267km/h top speed
Transmission: Longitudinal AWD | 6 speed DCT
Fixtures: Much carbon yes, Noodle foglight, Audi’nt tail lights
Classification: Fun Premium
Fuel Economy: 39.4mpg


250: ~$40900

Note from me, if you find any issues with the car please let me know and I’ll be sure to look out for them. If you have any suggestions feel free to let me know as ideas don’t grow on trees.


2020 Celestiale Line

Your luxury standard was just raised

You’re looking at it, near perfection…

Up to 84* possible combinations, the Celestiale is Velocità’s newest definition of luxury. With hand made engines and interiors, pre and post quality checks and hand picked employees, the Celestiale bring luxury to a whole new level
*Excludes Limited Edition colours & interior options, availability is subject to change

MDE500 in White w/ Limited Edition Exotic Green

MDE300 in Falu Red

Velocità's most valuable sedan

Unfortunately due to the current pandemic, this trim will only be fabricated after the second of March, when Velocità leatherworking factories are at maximum capacity.*
*Date and time of factory reopening is subject to change

Limited edition vibing flowers interior trim

Faster than it looks

with misleading visuals, both the MDE300 and MDE500 have outstanding performance and fuel economy to match its power to weight distribution.

image image
Fuel Economy (mpg)
MDE300 - 27.4mpg | MDE500 - 22.2mpg

Advanced Rear Wheel Drive system

With an automatic diff locker and finely tuned suspension, the Celestiale can handle any roads it should be on. Don’t take it offroad, unless you get that kind of insurance since you can afford the car in the first place…

MDE500 with white & Persian Blue trim

Why don't you try them all?

Signature Velocità Colours*, available on any Velocità**
*Excluding Exotic Green, which is a Celestiale MDE500 exclusive
**Subject to change, only available in some countries

MDE300 with black trim

MDE300 with white trim

MDE300 with Cello Blue trim

MDE300 with Persian Indigo trim

MDE300 with Grey-asparigus trim

MDE300 with Falu Red trim

MDE300 with Persian Red trim


MDE300 - ~$50800*
MDE500 - ~$57800*
*Base model pricing shown, prices may greatly vary.


2020 Celestiale GT

We’ve done it again.

Say hello to your next love

A gruntier engine, sportier suspension, and twice as many wheels powered, heads will turn. Especially with the magnficent soundtrack 500hp V10 to back it up. Torque for two, anyone?

Celestiale GT in Black

Celestiale GT in Falu Red

Your original luxury, improved and renewed

Hand made Red interior trim

Re-engineered for optimal performance and a perfectly balanced driving experience

Enough power and torque to make a time of 1:27.51 seconds on the Automation Airfield, the Celestiale GT is a swift way to admire the most beautiful countries.

Fuel Economy (mpg)
Celestiale GT - 19.4mpg

Advanced All Wheel Drive system

With a Geared LSD differential and finely tuned sport suspension, the Celestiale GT can handle any roads it should be on. Pair that with an Advanced Automatic 8 speed gearbox, and you’ve got yourself a Grand Touring car that’s one with the driver.

Celestiale GT with Black trim

Why don’t you try them all?

Signature Velocità Colours, available on any Velocità*
*Subject to change, only available in some countries

Celestiale GT with black trim

Celestiale GT with white trim

Celestiale GT with Cello Blue trim

Celestiale GT with Persian Indigo trim

Celestiale GT with Grey-asparigus trim

Celestiale GT with Falu Red trim

Celestiale GT with Persian Red trim


Celestiale GT - ~$65,400*
*Base model pricing shown, prices may greatly vary.

Hello, so I'm sure many of you would have noticed by now that this is very similar to the Quezon Princesa, and if you have made that observation you are correct. My forum page and the three variants of the Celestiale wouldn't have been the way they are without @variationofvariables help and advice, so a huge thanks goes out to them, and I reccomend visiting their forum page and having a read, there is a lot of great work done there and some of the best made cars I have personally ever seen.


A group test between the Princesa and Celestiale is in order… And it would definitely be one to look out for in the short-term future!


That sounds like a great idea!


Velocità Prosperare NS | Vision Gran Turismo

Car Description

Engineered by the greatest Velocitàs design and engineering team, the Prosperare NS is the pinnacle Velocitàs Grand Touring sports cars.

Aerodynamic design made for optimal engine cooling and downforce control, the Prosperare makes an incredible time of 1:20.34 on the Automation Airfield. For a 493hp RWD masterpiece of engineering, that’s a pretty impressive time.

With the new official Velocità design trend, the Prosperare features taillights and a front bumper design resembling the Celestiale, with some design differences to separate the two from fast luxury GT and faster luxury GT.

Made to compete with the incredible Mercedes Benz AMG C63S, the Prosperare has the Velocità standard hand made leather interior with full HUD and panoramic Infotainment system spanning across the majority dashboard. Velocità ensures the maximum balance between performance and comfort, creating the ultimate GT car.

As the Prosperare is Velocitàs idea of the perfect Grand Touring vehicle, available in Tran Gurismo Sport, players will understand what Velocità believes is the ultimate Grand Tourer.

Automation Vision Gran Turismo [New and Improved]
Automation Vision Gran Turismo [New and Improved]

2020 Superficiale Concept

For when you really need the thrill of speed

Made for the true racing enthusiast
With a lightweight 623hp V8, the Superficiale is the top of the line. Especially with Velocità standard quality and performance.

Superficiale Concept in Black

Superficiale Concept in Black

Made as much for the driver as it is for the track

Hand made White interior trim

For the greatest performance Velocità has to offer, the Superficiale delivers.

Lightweight and quick, the Superficiale makes an incredible time of 1:12.39 seconds on the Automation Airfield.



Fuel Economy (mpg)
Superficiale Concept - 30.9mpg

Advanced All Wheel Drive system

With an Electric LSD differential and finely tuned racing suspension, the Superficiale Concept can handle the track like a race car with all of Velocità’s standardized luxuries. Pair that with DCT 7 speed gearbox and the Superficiale outshines the competition.

Superficiale Concept with Black trim

Why don’t you try them all?

Signature Velocità Colours, available on any Velocità*
*Subject to change, only available in some countries

Superficiale Concept with Black trim

Superficiale Concept with White trim

Superficiale Concept with Cello blue trim

Superficiale Concept with Persian Indigo trim

Superficiale Concept with Grey-asparigus trim

Superficiale Concept with Falu Red trim

Superficiale Concept with Persian Red trim


Superficiale Concept - ~$130000*
*Base model pricing shown, prices may vary.


2020 Conviviale Line

Conviviale 40 in Persian Indigo

Luxury meets hatchback

Practical and sporty

Using the 493hp 40 Class V8, the PH40 is the fastest hatchback Velocità has to offer in 2020. The PH has the variants, the 300, 500 and 40. All of which provide top of the line performance and fuel efficiency.

Conviviale 40 in Limited Edition Conviviale Beige

Conviviale 300 in White

Ergonomic interior design with a HUD and top of the line infotainment system

Hand made Black interior trim

Absolute comfort and speed for the perfect hatchback

Designed for the best driving experience a hatchback can offer, the Conviviale 40 has a track time of 1:23.61 on the Automation Airfield.

Fuel Economy (mpg)
Conviviale 300 - 30.5mpg
Conviviale 500 - 29.1mpg
Conviviale 40 - 26.5mpg

Advanced AWD and FWD systems

With Geared LSD or Open differential options for the 300, 500 and 40 and suspension designed for absolute comfort and performance balance, the Conviviale provides the perfect driving experience. Alongside DCT 5, 6 and 7 speed gearbox options, the Conviviale has a combination for every individual.

Conviviale 40 in Persian Indigo

Why don’t you try them all?

Signature Velocità Colours*, available on any Velocità**
*Excluding Conviviale Beige, which is a Conviviale exclusive
**Subject to change, only available in some countries

Velocità Signature Colours

Conviviale 300 in Black

Conviviale 300 in White

Conviviale 300 in Cello Blue

Conviviale 300 in Persian Indigo

Conviviale 300 in Grey-asparigus

Conviviale 300 in Falu Red

Conviviale 300 in Persian Red

Conviviale Exclusive Colours

Conviviale 40 in Conviviale Beige

Roof & Spoiler

Body coloured - $0

Panoramic Sunroof & Black- $3400

Exposed carbon - $6750

Rim Size

18" Rims - $0

18" Rims - $5600

Exhaust and Diffuser

Standard diffuser w/ single exhaust - $0

Standard diffuser w/ double exhaust - $1270

40 Class diffuser w/ double exhaust - $3500


Standard Taillights - $0

40 Class Taillights - $1250


Conviviale 300 - ~ $51,900*
Conviviale 500 - ~ $59,800*
Conviviale 40 - ~ $73,700*

*Base model pricing shown, prices may greatly vary.