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VMO's stuff (Now attempting to port to UE4!)


The Thumbnail Maker doesn't works: crash the game (without log) in the main menu.


I've never been able to access the console so I use the preview shot from 3ds or an automation screenshot and amend with gimp to fit.


The issue is since the new update of V6s.


Just tested it and it seems that you are right.

The thumbnail maker window pops-up, but it doesn't show any fixtures.

I will try to tell Caswal when he logs in later today.


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Great car!


I'm modifying the NON-XF body from the source Automation files (the tutorial example files) to make the coupé version:

I hope you like it.

For the devs: I can modify the example bodies, upload to the steam Workshop, giving credit to the devs?


For the body (finished), I need to look the Automation Dev Tutorial: Car 3d Model Spec tutorial, or only this one? Car Body Skinning + Creating Thumbnails.



Any experienced user in exporting bodies can export "my" new body, please?

My dedicated graphics card is broken, and I'm using the integrated Intel HD4600 graphics, and I can't work properly with this, and I'm lost with the tutorials.

Here is the body: 10s_coupe_sedan.zip (241 KB)


It looks like you've deleted the bones (i.e. the skinning needs to be redone).


Deleted, joined, welded and moved bones. The rear part had a longer rear wheelbase, and the front is longer.


I tried to export using the same steps that this tutorial: youtube.com/watch?v=y8pWxdaM1tI and crashes the 3ds max when I click save once i selected export selected, all checked and single file.


Did you do the second export for the unskinned file?


Yep, and this without error.


Here is it the model: 10s_coupe_sedan_2.zip (240 KB)


I'm viewing by phone right now, if no one else gets to it beforehand I'll have a look tonight when I'm on my pc



I'm updating 3ds max to the latest patch to try if is a software problem.

UPDATE: I updated 3ds max 2013 to the latest patch, and I have the same error.

Any user, select the body, go to the modify window, and go to export selected, and export as single file and all options checked.


Ok, I've given it a try and I can export with no issues, this is how it looks in game right now.

At the moment you've still work to do.
- the window where the door used to be needs to be sealed up.
- the body boxes are missing, see this thread for details as they have changed since the tutorials were made automationgame.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=8095
- You need to add and define some working morphs.
- The LUA file needs to be set up with the right material assignments, you wont know what these are till after the export, 3dsmax has a habit of moving these :S

you may also want to consider re-doing the uv map to make it less obvious there used to be rear doors.

I've also attached the kjc files just in case you still can't export and would like to see your mod 1st hand
export.zip (456 KB)


Thanks! You're great!.

And yep, the car needs the boxes, but I saved without them to test.


EDIT: the mod are available in Workshop.


Please write how to instal this coupe.