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Weird, Bad and Ugly Cars



to answer “why” i think it’s nearly good looking, the only real reason the Aztek is considered ugly is the horribly misguided front fascia.

remove the top grille, the indicators, and lower the hood a touch and you would have a relatively handsome car

as i have demonstrated with my poor editing skills.


Also the rear needs some reworking IMO, other than that yes that front is very pretty now.


Ok, now make the rear look like it hasn’t been glued on by mistake.


c’mon the back end is not THAT bad


Yes, it is even worse :smiley:


i will say the tail light are a tad chunky, but i really like the Kammback. sue me.


Get rid of that stupid wing, the weird exhaust, change the rear light design and the bumper design and it would be good. Also make it so that it is no 90 degrees straight up.


It looks like they’ve accidentally dropped a Honda CRX on it and thought “Yeah, that’s the look we were going for”


it’s not good looking, but it’s a miracle compared to the front end.


Well I tried to photoshop the suggestions on how to make it better but i got distracted and instead made it worse


Well nothing can fix it now…


At least it has a cuteness factor. Still better than the original.


Pretty sure that Jezza could roll that almost as fast as the Reliant Robin.


When the Aztek first came out I concluded that it looked like someone cut a car in half, threw away the top half, then slammed another car on top and called it done.


Hey, when the Aztek first came out my wife and I thought it was a cool concept… Then we saw one and said nope thats too ugly to own.

And that’s coming from a couple that painted an old Jeep florescent camouflage.


Funny enough the designer of the Asstek ended up designing the C7 Corvette lmao


Under a barrel of a gun, it seems… cause the c7 is almost properly designed. THAT REAR IS AWFUL.


The C7 seems to be an inversion of every other Corvette because the base model Stingray is the best handling and a proper sports car, while the Z06 is reportedly an oversteering and overheating mess, while the opposite is generally true with past models :smile:

Abd yes wtf is that rear.


That MG would look alright if it wasn’t so fat. The amount of body above the rear wheel is painful to look at for me.

The @JohnWaldock design front end indeed looks a lot better on an Aztek.

The Mazda 3’s smile gives me nightmares;

The Aston Martin Cygnet is ugly in every way; from aesthetics to its mere concept.

At the risk of another shitstorm… I shall say the Ferrari F50.

That smug Italian face and trunk nostrils make me cringe.

Speaking of shitstorm… I feel our community has become rather bitter recently… let’s try to be a little softer.
######I know I’m part of the problem.


There’s nothing like a bit of Christmas cheer at the end of a really shitty year to really piss everybody off at all the f***ing traffic on the roads and god damnit I still haven’t done my obligatory shopping yet :joy: #firstworldproblems

I don’t do any Christmas shopping. My family’s a bit over all of that, so we get to fume instead at other commuters haha. Besides, I work throughout Christmas and New Year because public health sector so I get to be extra salty at all you dumb regular holiday goers :stuck_out_tongue:

Going to have to agree with you on the F50. When it came out I thought it was gonna be the shit, but the more I look at it, the more I think there’s a reason it’s largely overlooked between the F40 and the Enzo.