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Weird, Bad and Ugly Cars


Oh yeah… the holiday times are painful for me too. The traffic; both on road and on foot, and the holiday music tend to make me rage beyond what is reasonable.

Oddly enough I’ve become softer of the years concerning the F50. I still find it quite unattractive; hence why I posted it here… but I don’t have the burning hatred and disgust towards it that I did when it was made. Mostly because I have to give it a point for it’s somewhat unorthodox exterior. I must mention that I like the way the wing blends into the body; that is actually pretty. That’s all the pretty it has though. Oh, I forgot to mention that I hate it’s side-vent.

The IFR Automotive Aspid says “I’m a crab”



I think the F40 is very good looking. The F50, not so bad. The Enzo, is hideous. Strange.

And you guys who are complaining about the outlets on the F50,
design something better, but don’t just copy the GT40. (Which is not an 'merican design, it’s British.)


They could have kept it a bit simpler, then it would have been not so try-hard, like:

(Hey @Noporian put this face on a big Totoro, I’m begging you!)



@RobtheFiend I sort-of like the Enzo’s front… but it’s ass is horrible. That said, I’ve never been a Ferrari fan. The 355 was a fairly elegant one though.
As for vents; the new Lotus Exige or any generation of Lancer Evo have good looking vents. Anything but the F50’s nostrils. The nose ridge in between said nostrils makes it so much worse. I can’t help but see the human nose there. It must have been the intent. Can not unsee.

@strop It’s the crab-eye stalks that get me. Also, since you posted a Panoz; fun fact. “Panoz” in Russian means diarrhea. Looks like it to me as well.

@Noporian That’s just fucking scary. I might cry.


The first ones weren’t, being right-hand-drive and all. But, the later versions (Mk. II - Mk. IV) certainly were once Mr. Shelby got his hands on the project and dropped a 427 V8 in it.



I honestly like that Asprid if it wasn’t for the fact that it was so low and the lights looking like the decapitated heads of some kind of alien from a low budget scifi movie.


I would have to put servos on those lights and a set it up to track people when they walk by in the parking lot.


Umm so i just noticed something


The front is just as bad


I quite applaud the fact the Civic’s front end is love it or hate it. I actually like it myself.

Well, actually, I only like it in black. The chrome bar is too much for me.

And so I said to the dealer, ok so how do you get the black parts on the Civic? and he said, well, either you buy an RS, which is basically the VTi-L with leather seats and fancy trimmings and a useless wing and different alloys, which will cost you an extra 4500AUD on top… or you can get the VTi-L with the “Black Pack”. So I was all like black pack? What’s that involve? It’s 300 bucks for the B pillar, 800 bucks for the front bar, 450 bucks for the rear lip and 600 bucks for the spoiler… basically the entire thing would have cost 3000AUD for purely cosmetic changes and I was like fuuuuuuuck what is this who would be stupid enough to buy a fake RS anyway and then by next month I realised that at least half the new Civics I saw on the road were RS :joy:


I agree with you, the black grill does look much better than the tacky chrome


I honestly like the new Civics styling and don’t really understand all the hate it gets. There’s definitely been worse.


Not like it’s the first time a Japanese automaker releases a car with a controversial front end.




Not a fan of mordern cars normally but I kinda like it, in a way it reminds me of the Miata in how happy it looks.


Fisker is gone. Its owned by someone else now, and it not under that name anymore.


The Aston Martin looks exactly like a smart car, but with a sunroof.