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Weird, Bad and Ugly Cars


well, i would say it looks more like a Toyota iQ, because thats what it is.

it had plastic surgery.


The new boss wants me to convince people to buy Fiskers. I don’t know why.


cuz u have that power


Yes, yes I do. And now you are a victim.

So what Fisker will you buy?


a Karma. i actually like how it looked.


Enjoy your new Karma then. Also have fun getting plastic surgery.




YoU haVe n0 CHoIcE…


You’ve received more than enough warnings. Stop fucking multiple posting.


Because that was the most relevant thing you needed to say in this thread.


Stop pointing out my multi posts. That is now a rarity.


Make it extinct and you have a deal.


its going extinct.


well hurry up.


I can’t be the only one on this,

I appreciate that Audi got past it’s corporate design for the current Audi TT, so that now it’s an actual “TT” and doesn’t look like someone went to a car generator and put in “Audi, Small, Coupe” as keywords

Current gen:




First gen just looks depressed


It looks like a squished Audi A2

It’s depressed because it lost its fuel economy in the process!


Don’t know why, but the Gen-1 Audi TT reminds me of that “Wheeler Dealers” eposode though…


I have a slight nostalgia for the first gen. Audi TT. It was featured in Midtown Madness 2.


It was also paradoxically featured in NFS Underground 2. Why that car? I have no idea. Then again it also had an Infiniti G35 or whatever in there and I know they’re mildly popular for tuning but put the light of the retrospectoscope on it and just… What.