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Weird, Bad and Ugly Cars


Dacias definitely are much better value in some countries more than others, and they definitely should evaluate the market before they enter markets where they can’t sell their cars for cheap.

(just out of interest where do you live)

But there’s the thing that you have a Laureate. A top model. Not the base model. (although it’s also 7 years old at this point as a model so I don’t think it’s good to compare the situation) Step up from the base model to get basically anything it only goes about 800€ under the price of a Ibiza ST or Fabia Combi.

Also dacias lose at least 2000€ in value after being driven for 20.000km here, they depreciate faster than any other brand probably (the least depreciating brands for example are Škoda, VW, Toyota, Mercedes, Audi)

(also kinda not fair cause not new cars but you could get for example a barely used top spec fiat 500L for the same price of a MCV laureate)



Mentioned that. But still, it’s cheaper than the base model Skoda or Seat.

Where do you have that information from? Don’t Mercedes, especially higher class models, be within the most depreciating cars?


At the 800€ difference, that’s about the difference of speccing bluetooth or not here so basically pocket money

I’m not sure why I mentioned Mercedes, however it’s VERY model specific, here’s an example a 2008 bought Mercedes C wagon was some 24.000€ with 180.000km on it. That means 180.000km and 9 years later it had lost ~45% of it’s value, which is much more than what other brands like volvo or toyota occasionally lose however it could be MUCH worse. But for example the 2006 R-Class still goes for up to 18.000€ even with up to 400.000km on it and crappy condition (why is that car valuable???) The B-Class from the same year also has barely lost value comparatively to other equivalents for some odd reason.

(also forgot to mention volvo’s, they also don’t lose their value, doesn’t matter if it has 500.000km on it)


You know I could just go buy a brand new Seat Leon ST or C4 Picasso but you know what let’s buy an 11 year old barely functioning Mercedes R-Class with a broken interior!


this I don’t know about. I see tons and TONS of C30s, C70s and V40s for peanuts, with none anywhere near 500000km. Both here in Holland and what I’ve seen browsing the used car listings in the UK


I have no idea about V40s, but C30 and C70 are in fact quite weird cars from an ordinary brand - wouldn’t that be a reason for value lost?


I definitely don’t know why but Volvo’s are a safe bet if you want to sell your car for good money even after driving it to death where I live (finland)


Volvo V40

there’s like 5 more pages of these, all sub-1k


The Mercedes R-Class:

It might be slow, impractical on the inside and outside, have no street cred and have one of the worst reliability records in it’s class, but whoowee you’ll be happy you bought one when you sell it on.

EDIT: Holy hell gotta drive there to get me a new car jesus

EDIT2: For perspective those shown on there would be 3000-4000€ here


Christ man.
Enjoy the torture :wink:


So I just saw an unused Think City for sale and

Look at that sweet sweet fit & finish don’t those panels fit together like peas in a pod


I see those from time to time (they specially sold them in either DC or Baltimore, I forget which). Hard to believe it’s the closest Ford has come to making a fully electric vehicle (that I know of, at least in the US).


Ford also had the Ranger EV. She had an interesting De Dion Tube rear suspension with carbon fiber leaf springs and a Watts Linkage; at least in the early models.


This isn’t really weird, bad, or ugly but it’s interesting so I decided to put it here, I just found an Audi RS2 for sale here in Finland!

This is a true unicorn over here and it is one of the few audis I genuinely like, this one going for a bit over 30.000€


Weird, as a super-estate. Bad, for its owner’s wallet. Ugly… hmmm, maybe someone might say that its front has a derpy look? IDK.

But seriously it’s an awesome car - and it has my mechanical love under the bonnet, a turbocharged I5 :heart_eyes:


Found this thing called a PGO Hemera, does anyone know anything about it?


That is a hunchback 356 knockoff. Don’t think there’s much else to say about it :stuck_out_tongue:


Not about this, but its sibling - PGO Cevennes - it was available in a game World Racing 2 and was pretty fun to drive :smile: (one of my favourite cars in the game) (you don’t even realise how hard I tried to recall this game title)


IDK if anyone posted this one here, but it is so darn ugly, specially in pink.


If I think about it hard enough I reckon it would be feasible to imagine that there’s a market for a cabrio Micra.

In unrelated news my head hurts now.


Well, there’s always a paper bag you can wear over your head when driving with the top down. On top of that, that is probably the most hideous shade of pink one could put on a car.