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Weird, Bad and Ugly Cars


I would argue that if there was a proper color for a car like that… it would be pink.
That may be Nissan’s attempt at a car aimed towards a certain demographic of young women… and the “Barbie” plate kinda hints towards that too.

Now then… what’s worse… that Micra… or this VW Beetle?

@BobLoblaw, here’s a potentially more hideous shade of pink for you;

At least I find it worse.

Oh, and I have a pink convertable Mini Cooper as well;

Funny enough, I don’t have anything against certain pinks. I’m someone who’d own a white 240SX with pink Volk TE37s and maybe headlights too, for the troll factor. It’s not like you actually need headlights in New York’s cities.


Those are darn ugly, but at least the Mini is somewhat acceptable.


Speaking of mini what is with them lately shoving every little possible detail everywhere?

There’s a limit to everything, the interior has soo many little details and different styles and on the latest countryman there is surrounds there is cladding there is a big wide text that says C O U N T R Y M A N at the rear there’s a dent there a dent here a circle pattern there a diamond pattern there



Since it became a bit of a car for (idk what kind of person would ever want one) people trying to show their “retro car”, it is normal that BMW capitalizes on that and shows all the details so that u can brag about how cool your car is at your local Starbucks or whatever is my local equivalent (Portugal).


Because they’ve lost their “cred” with it,and have to evoke their heritage to keep their heads above water. Just like a certain American car brand cough Jeep cough. Look at what they did to the Renegade (isn’t it just a Fiat Panda with different powertrains?).


It’s a effectively a 500x, but while yeah with the little “easter eggs” they did definitely yes, I would say that overall the Jeep Renegade looks cleaner (not saying it looks good just saying it looks cleaner)


Yeah, the lower trim ones are pretty tame. It’s mostly just the Trailhawk that goes stupid with it.


Also is it just me or does the “tallness” of the rear design in the new Discovery remind you of the Ssangyong Rodius?


Never thought of that. I just wrote it off when I saw it used the ZF 9 speed auto.


I actually saw a new 2017 Disco yesterday. I never knew this knew model existed and when i passed it I had to stop and look… And holy fuck is it ugly.
Also saw a new 2017 Megane a minute later, the rear end is quirky but in a really cool way. Shame there’s no Coupe anymore.


As someone in the Discord (don’t remember who) so eloquently put it: it looks like it had a stroke.


The pictures really don’t do it justice. The reason I compared it to the rodius is because in real life the rear simply looks too tall for a car.


As somebody who sees patients who are either suffering or have suffered a stroke on a regular basis, this is a most apt description.


Just to return back to the Toyota C-HR (it can’t catch a break can it) I saw one on the street today and the rear door design really is absolutely disasterous.

We’ve already discussed the window issue but I never really realized the problems with the door handle and this is it: I’m 175cm tall (short rather than tall but hey it’s english) and the handle was at eye level. How more awkward can opening a car door be than opening a 20 degree angled nearly horizontal car handle at eye level.. With your hand in front of your face and your arm bending weirdly.

(semi unrelated but it also has probably the most depressing steering wheel to look at)


That thing looks like a rushed copy of the Honda HR-V (even in name). Much like the Mercedes-Benz GLE Class to the BMW X6 (sans the name this time around). Could be worse though. Someone could’ve copied the Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet.


How’s it going, old me account? :smile:


why dont

porsches have

retractable headlight washers

(of course some of the newer ones like the new panamera and macan have proper ones but honestly those little pimples really bother me and im not alone)


Going along the lines if peculiar it looks like some kind of Rover with a strange body kit. It had what appeared to be a Rover badge in the grill.


thats a Midas.

a Kit car.



My knowledge on kit cars is incredibly small so I wasnt to know but yes it is a Midas. Not much of a looker imo but each to their own.