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Weird, Bad and Ugly Cars


Opel/Vauxhall crossland X

Is it just me?


From that angle, it looks like a Chinese copy of a BMW i3 turned into a crossover. Might just be me that sees that, though.


One of my neighbours have one, it’s not that bad really


Are we going to talk about this?


The Pontiac Aztek doesn’t seem so bad in hindsight…
Plus ZF 9HP.


I… actually like the Cherokee.


I liked the old Cherokee, but this one just isn’t Jeep enough for Jeep. I’d have less issues with it if it were a Chrysler or Dodge.


looks like a dodge to me


Wtf is wrong with toyota these days


Looks like they’ve been watching the Star Wars saga in replay mode way too many times while designing their current lineup.:joy:


Oh my god.

this looks like an unfinished model brah


So Honda just unveiled the 2018 Accord…

What the hell happened here, Honda? I thought the chrome unibrow looked great on the Civic and even OK on the Clarity, but what is this monstrosity? The unibrow is so flat and horizontal, it totally destroys the lines of the car. And that gaping black hole makes it look like a piece of the fascia fell off. It looks like a derp-faced Dodge Charger.

It’s a real shame, because from some angles, the new Accord looks positively gorgeous:

Looks like I’m gonna have to photoshop the shit out of this when I get a chance :stuck_out_tongue:

Car photoshops

I have to agree with you on this, that unibar doesn’t translate at all well. The Accord was always squarer, but the reason that the arrangement worked on the Civic as it did (I vastly prefer the black bar over the chrome) is because it was well tapered and had some kind of, well, to sound a bit wanky, dynamic flow. This doesn’t. It’s like we can’t decide what the defining feature is here and there’s a massive gaping hole underneath the badge. It does explain why the Hyundai and Audi grilles are the way they are though:

The Accord’s face reminds me of this guy I saw in ENT clinic, who had undergone extensive resection of his palate, maxilla, most of his nasal sinuses, mandible, and tongue to try to remove a particularly invasive nasopharyngeal cancer. He had to go around wearing a handkerchief taped to some very large glasses, because when he took them off you could see directly down his windpipe. Yeah, it’s a bit like that.

EDIT: also:

The Corolla E120 hatchback called from 2001, it wants its facelift back.


I’m actually quite pleased with the new Accord. I think it looks very elegant, something that’s been missing from the Accord for years.


No matter how much I think about the addition of a numberplate, even that won’t fix the problems.

And that was just the front end. The rear end light array is a watered down version of the Civic’s, to the point it makes me think of an inverted version of this:

Now exactly the kind of look I’d be shooting for.

Plus sides: the line of the door and window sill is nice, as is the skirting of the underbody. And the long fastback cabin also translates well. I’ll pay that.


Glad I’m not alone in the Accord dislike. The rear isn’t shabby at all, and the rest of the car flows well and all. Even the interior is nice, but the front end is just awful.


don’t dis the charger. The Hellcat (not the one in the photo) has 707 reasons it that it looks so good.

2017 Automation EOTY Awards



Wasn’t the Second Coming supposed to herald the apocalypse?

oh sh-


I think pretty much all the new Hondas look bad.
Not as derpy as the current gen Corolla’s facelift, but I’m pretty sure someone already brought that to light.