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Weird, Bad and Ugly Cars


Also the sedan still looks much better!


Toyota Blade. Those are stock tail lights :cry:


Is that a pretuned auris?


Blade Master has the Rav4/Highlander/large toyota 3.5L V6. Base has the 2.4 Camry motor, so yes.


Toyota is trash in terms of desgins lmao




What in the world could you possibly mean? Just look at these exquisite pieces of modern design!




The Prius Prime looks great, imo.

Regular Prius, however… yeah, it belongs in this thread.


Zoo Wee Mama


Nupe, still nupe.






Tbh the worst design crime Toyota does is their badges on hybrid models (and basically all toyotas sold are hybrids anyway where i live at least cause they’re only driven by old people who get swindled by car salesmen)

But why do they put the blue hue on it? It looks like a cheap sticker! Toyotas aren’t cheap cars so why do they have to put those blue “glow” stickers on it when it’s so bad AAAAAHHH



WTH? The Toyota GT2000 happens to be one hell of a beautiful and sought after classic sports car from the land of the rising sun that doesn’t belong here anyways.


That was in response to this I believe


That was my point - it’s a gorgeous car :laughing: it was a response to empire.

And now this makes me heavily suspicious that you’re either trolling or you don’t know what Toyota is. Either way I don’t really feel like starting a flamewar so I’ll just pretend you didn’t say any of that and move on.



The other criticisms by other posters about the cheap badge sticker and clear lights, totally justified, they look a bit pish. Uneducated abuse of 2000GT will not be tolerated however @EmpireAutomotive, proceed to the naughty corner at once. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway on a serious note, it’s already been mentioned I think but I’ve been behind a certain variant of the Fiat Doblo/Vauxhall Combo a few times recently and I do wonder what they’ve done with the high roof version.

Standard one for comparison:


The high roof one looks like something they’d whack together on Top Gear, I get that it’s serving a purpose but you’d think they’d have smoothed over the bit where they’ve just stuck a massive box in a hole at the back.


I think that’s precisely what they did, unironically. It’s going to take me so much effort to explain how unironic I’m being that it might start going full circle and I start looking like I’m being ironically earnest about how unironic I want to be.

Best Automation Quotes

Creative and unique design, everyone



Pretty much all the VW recent models look the same, with only the body changing… Same grilles, same lights :confused:


Have you ever heard of something called corporate design/identity?