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Weird, Bad and Ugly Cars


IMO that Equinox isn’t too terrible, the the rest…oof. The Malibu has been ugly a long time too. I have a feeling the next Corvette is gonna look rough.


Okay yeah I agree with the exception of the current Volt. I think the Volt still looks great.


On the topic of weird, I find it strange that all Infiniti’s cars look the same. I understand that there should be a corporate face and brand recognition and all that but I feel like there’s a better way of going about that.

I think they look good though. Infiniti’s are handsome cars. Especially the Q50, the compact executive is nice.


Weird should not be necesserly ugly :thinking:


They look good, but take away the huge badge and they aren’t very recognizable. Just decent average looking cars. Buick has the same problem.


Ehhhhhhhhh I’d have to disagree. Infiniti has the weird window-line at the C-pillars and their nose is pretty recognizable. Same with Buick, they look like a Buick to me. That’s just me personally though.


New QX50 since that pic too


Of course. In the end there was the DS, a very weird beauty.


I’m not disagreeing. But I think your dates are wrong…

Yes I realize some of these aren’t the exact models but the are the spiritual predecessors. And inb4 the TrailBlazer on the Equinox, that was NEVER a good looking car.

Oh god, I think the Equinox is the worst of all. Cruze is the best, if only because it looks basically the same as the Volt. The Equinox being ugly is appropriate though considering its carrying on a tradition of ugly that has been alive and well since the 1990s >.> Blazer, TrailBlazer.

Speaking of which, here is a contender for “Ugliest Car Ever”. Now it doesn’t win that title obvious. Apart from anything else, that competition has already been won (*cough* Fiat Multipla *cough* Pontiac Aztek).


The 2nd gen GMC Envoy.

Particularly the XL and XUV trims. :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:


To be fair, most GM models in the 90’s were designed by a kindergartener with a bar of soap and a whittling knife.


Tbf, I meant the Equinox wasn’t as bad compared to other crossovers/SUVs. The others have had better looking generations, but I’d say that’s the best looking (cough) Equinox I’ve seen.

I agree those Envoys are distracting on the road they look so off.


Another American masterpiece, the Chevy Uplander


My family owned an Uplander and I’m looking to buy myself another one! We absolutely loved it! You gotta get the extended wheelbase though.

And we looked at Trailblazers and Envoys too, they’re great SUV’s and personally I like their looks.


The Mitsubishi Mirage (Pre-G4 styling)

I know it’s a disposable city car, but dammit, it tingles my shitbox fetish and I kinda want one.


Pontiac: lol we made the ugliest American car ever!

Chevy: bich hold muh beer


I loved the look of the 2018’s! They looked spectacular! Then… this. Why Chevy?

EDIT: I know someone already mentioned the 2019 Camaro but the black bar with the Chevy logo on it is so much worse… the SS is almost okay.


Nope. The Ass-Tek is still the ugliest North American car ever.


The 2019 Camaro is a 50/50 kinda. If you get an RS without that hIDEOUS entirely black front it’s disgusting. I like the RS though, and the ones without the black.

On the topic of weird, the first generation Dodge Intrepid. "Hey guys guess what?! the future"
I like it a lot, personally.



I like the looks of the new Camaro. I’m not a fan, and it’s not beautiful nor aesthetically special, but it looks good IMO, has quite a bit of that coolness factor a muscle car should have, it’s aggressive yet not too over the top and manages to combine it all with looking up to date.

As for the Intrepid, yeah, it has some “weird-90s-ugly-shitbox” charm :wink: I could drive it, if it only is as much of a lazy couch as it seems.


90s Chrysler isn’t as bad as people say it is. In fact, they’re actually pretty reliable in most cases. Totally not saying that just because I own a 90s Chrysler product.


My grandparents swear by Chrysler. They’ve had 3 Caravans (2nd and 3rd gens, both amazing cars) a 300M (I’m going to try and buy my own, I love them) and they’re on their second Grand Cherokee. I’ve grown up with and absolutely love Chrysler and honestly, the 90’s and early 2000’s were their highpoint.


I like Chrysler 90’s designs, even though some of them are weird/ugly, they were interesting. Their quality control isn’t the best though and sometimes they break beyond worth fixing a lot sooner than others.