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What Would You Do? - Season 1 (Satin Autosport)


half inspired by killrob’s super car let’s play challenge. i finally had a clear idea of what kind of challenge that i wanted to do.

Gif Credit : @ramthecowy

#The Challenge

You’re going to play as an already existing company, that i have deliberately driven into some trouble or dillemma, or some kind of unusual situation.

the challenge is, to get the said in-trouble company back out and up on it’s feet again, by any means you deem fitting, or even an unfitting means by doing a complete re-structure/re-branding of the company, and make it until the end of the game / the year 2020

the way you do this is by copying the lite campaign save file that i’ll provide for each round into the “campaign” folder in your automation folder. after that, you should be able to load the save file in game

#Time Constraint

i wanted to make this let’s play challenge seasonal. so i’ll be determining the time limit for every round/season before we need to move on to the next season’s challenge. the length of the round may vary, depends on how far back from 2020 does the challenge starts

for youtubers. i’ll be assuming an average of 2-4 episode per week for now. and i’ll be stating the time limit for each season in the seasonal post

(also it’d be nice if you could make a playlist for each season on your youtube account so i only need to post 1 link in the OP)

#Season 1


#Trial season

this is a trial run just as a proof-of-concept that this kind of challenge is even sustainable

#Background Story
you are playing as a luxury car maker that was founded in 1959 in Archana that have come into quite a bit of trouble by the late 70s.

what you have and what is going on :

  • you have 2 engineer as your disposal. 1 chassis engineer, and 1 engine engineer
  • your main car market has been the Fruinian market
  • the year is 1978. the leaded fuel ban has come into effect and stopped the sales of one out of your 2 cars in production in fruinia
  • the market has been VERY lazy for the last decade
  • you have 2 discontinued luxury vehicles 2 vehicles in production
  • Modalara is your flagship that has just been hit by the leaded fuel ban in fruinia
  • Opelon is the entry-level luxury car, and GT car. also has a convertible trim
  • Modalara II is just the 2nd generation flagship. but is engineered a little bit late
  • Speedster is a high-end sports car with only 1 trim
  • you only have $114M in the bank, and are losing money slowly. so unless you take drastic measure. you’re only going to have 1 shot at this
  • you have quite a lot of expertise and technology spread around the areas of the car.
  • your brand is already known for high-end car. but not conquering them just yet.

#Time Limit

because this is only a trial run. i think 2 week - 1 month run should be okay right? you don’t need to finish it until the 2020. just try it up until you feel like you have succeded in saving the company.

#Save File
WWYD-Trial Season.zip (684.7 KB)
*need pyrlix’s high quality essentials mod. and high quality car pack. i forgot i was playing with mods on.


I am doing this!


I’m doing it, but you should probably specify what workshop mods you have installed so that people can get/install them if they don’t already have them. I noticed by opening one of the cars that ALL of the fixtures you placed on it are steam mods, and as soon as I closed out the car my sales tanked to 0 within one month because suddenly the car had 0 cooling and 0 reliability.


oh welp. i totally forgot about that :stuck_out_tongue:
pyrlix’s mod collection thing should do you just fine. i only put grilles on those cars


i guess no one else have any more questions? so i think 30th of this month should be long enough for this season?


Sounds good to me.


I think I am going to try and start this tomorrow


So far but i kinda suck at building good cars


Making budget cars for archania is good for flushing whatever reputation and prestige you had down the toilet


Well, let’s just say that after only a few years, the company is no longer in trouble. We’ll see just how far I can take it in the future.

Notes from what I’ve been doing:

  1. Fruinia still gets a lineup based on the core values of the company. Only premium or better cars are sold in that market. But the lineup is expanded now.
  2. There are only 2 models that offer less a less than “premium” trim
  3. The company is about to lay out a judicious application of carbon fiber and turbos.


I’m having the bug where the factories and plots you own disappear, which is fun


ooh. that one i haven’t heard before

@VicVictory dayum bruh. nice job.
can i look at the car lineup until that point?

so most of you guys can say it’s feasible then?


I think I can make the company profitable without too much effort without immediately making any cars


I’m actually playing right now. In the late '00’s. I’ll send you the file when I’m almost done. Let’s just say right now this thing is gushing cash.


yeah. it’s hard to set it up perfectly. you can really see what i did, and how i deliberately cripple the company. and if you can figure that out. it’s pretty easy i found.


And I apparently blew up the factories again


Company is growing nice.

Some Years later, i think this company will survive.


Even without compromising the primary mark it, I made it flourish. Here we are at January 2018:

(Those couple points where costs exceeded income were the points when 4 majorly ambitious redesigns/factory upgrades happened)

And, for @koolkei, here’s the full lineup, including discontinued models:

As can be seen, the Passero line was a huge money maker. It was a city car, but I didn’t allow Fruinia to get a version of it that had less than a Premium interior.

The only model that was a total failure was the Modalara Corso, which was my attempt at a Hyper car level beast.


neat. also nice to continue the car naming trend that i used :slight_smile:
but also. what the hell happened on that downward spike?

i also played through it. and yeah. the 90s had a sudden boom for me. anyone experienced the same?

i wanted to know if the economy graph stayed the same for everyone or not the transferred to different computers