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World Series Tourers - 2015 Season (Race 6 - Sebring International Finale)


If 60/60mm single turbos were allowed the power levels would be very balanced. With this setup I can (so far) get 520+hp out of an I6 configuration, and around 510 from an I4. However the effective powerband is only 2500rpm at that point, obviously with considerable lag. Which requires very short gearing to use the power at all. But really a touring car series shouln’t be about maximum power, rather a usable power band and maybe durability. Leave the dyno queens to Bonneville.


Only 2500RPM you say?



My current I3 build looks just like this, Power plateau from 6200 to the 8500rpm redline, achieved with the unofficial 60/60 single route:


Tell you what, I’ll leave the turbo’s the way they are for now. As more and more engines come through I’ll run some private testing, see how much the engines are effecting performance.


Meanwhile, I’m over here making a 4 cylinder not because of stats privilege, but because it’s the only engine configuration I can see making sense for a 1600cc engine in a production car :t


Well, we’ll see how competitive the more classical engines are when they’re in.
tbh if you play the rules right you should do well anyway


Sidenote (yeah, this could be a discussion for somewhere else):

99.9% sure answer: no. I once competed with @Dorifto_Dorito at this, and I could find one of my tries, which was a nonsense quality spammed engine with sliders clicked as long as they gave even a slight bit more power, and it got 457 hp/litre.

And now, I’m sorting myself out :innocent:


The best I’ve managed is 460hp/l, but I cant go any higher. You’ll have to use some sneaky databse editing to even reach 500hp/l


I love how my goal for this was 350-400bhp with the turbo restriction and people are somehow going to like 500bhp XD


I mean to be fair, these power numbers haven’t really been gained legitmately. At least in my case :stuck_out_tongue:


I got 485 legit, but that’s a V6.






Aww yiss indeed :smirk:




well damn, almost one full year to make cars.
Or maybe you meant july :stuck_out_tongue:


shoosh. I can do dates, honestly


Did you honestly bump your thread after only one day of noone posting. jfc



10 days to go, and we’re all eagerly awaiting the submissions you’ve all got. Remember you don’t have to make a car, you can enter a team using any car from the homologation list.