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Would you rather drive this or that?


Sup. image


Basically, the Passat here is a very well-equipped car. I don’t know much about the US-spec car but I’m assuming it isn’t as well-equipped and doesn’t compete in the same demographic.


Mhm, that’s a diesel 20 years ago. Not talking about this. And please note that I differentiated base and top variants.


No, RS4 =/= A4, not the same budget, not the same category. And for the image, I don’t know where do you live, but here they have it. Not the same as the german ones, but they always had a premium car to sell.


Sure, as well 318i =/= 340i, so they are different models, right?


The RS4 for the A4 is the M3 for the 3xx series…


New cars <200 hp in America are considered cheap econoboxes and anything calling itself premium must offer a 3.0+ L 6 pot.


US always had more powerful cars with bigger engine than in Europe, we mostly have 4cylinders here :slight_smile:


You know how Mercedes works, right? You could easily spec an S-Class with the base engine to similar equipment levels of say an S600. This hasn’t really changed in the past 20 years. The S-Class still starts at mid-200s for hp, for a while you could even get the current model with a 2.2L Four Cylinder Diesel-Hybrid. The car itself is the same, just not the engine.


I want stripper model Luxury cars back, with manuals and wind-up windows.


Yes, I know. A performance variant. But if you don’t like it because they have different names, let’s go back to Volvo. Just a normal, non-performance V60 T8. 390 hp vs 225 hp for the top variants (well, the Talisman here has no more than 200 hp). And 250 vs 150 for the base petrols, 150 vs 130 for diesels (still Volvo vs Renault, as Peugeot still has only one variant AFAIK).

@Awildgermanappears Yeah, great, the base diesel variant. Which for those supposedly “premium” 508 and Talisman would be the top one.


Yeah but again, that’s not only about Horsepower… It’s like saying an MX5 isn’t a sportscar because it has less than 200hp for the most powerful engine ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Of course it’s not. Let’s see the checklist:

  • power - X
  • image - X (remnants lost with the last executive models)
  • refinement - is it really better than the rest of the middle class? or maybe just about the same? (remember that 508 has only the top-spec variant right now)
  • luxury - same as for refinement, with the same note for the 508

Remember to compare top to top, base to base.
Oh, and MX-5 ticks every single other sports car checkbox. Power too, for this kind of a sports car (that’s an incredibly broad category in the end, about as broad as “sedan” ).


And they have all these criterias here. it’s not because in your country that’s how it’s the same elsewhere, for example, Peugeot has a strong image in France, and nothing in USA. But who cares, they are not targeting the US market… And Peugeot is actually working on a reinforcement of his “premium image”, you have to start somewhere (Even if they had it in the past, 80s-90s)
EU west has standards, the 508 and the Talisman fits in, some brands sell better in this segment like audi(for example, the rating of the talisman dropped fast).

But anyway, I think you’ll always want to have the last word, so I stop here.

Wasn’t it a game here?


…Or a weird Renault 21?

  • Honda NSX
  • Skyline R32

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That’s my last word:



The fact is i’m talking of Eu west as I mentionned many times :slight_smile:


Masterdoggo replied again
Szafirowy01 is typing

Sshtaaahp the spääääm


Back on the topic - Mazda 6, because… do I really have to explain?
And weird Renault 21, because I don’t like Ferrari nor fast Hondas (yes, I like some “slow” Hondas), but I like turbocharged AWD boxes. And inline sixes.

@Noporian Hey, when I write my last word, it’s really my last word on a given topic :slight_smile:


Actually on the topic of image I would like to say that at least where I live driving an audi doesn’t give off a premium image as much as you’re a 45 year old going through a midlife crisis taking out your frustration by honking your way through the roads because you’re in debt from just spending 100k you don’t have on a diesel sedan with 260hp whereas pretty much any other car has no real image to be afraid of

Anyway speaking of image, would you rather drive this or that or that?


  • Eyelash Chery
  • Stanced af Celica
  • Chrome-i-god why Cadillac

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Please no :disappointed_relieved:

PS: I take the celica, then I try to bring it back normal (Evend if I think buying one who’s not riced is easier :thinking:)