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Would you rather drive this or that?


If you were living in Sweden in the 80s, this was the question where wrong answer could turn best friends into enemies…

Volvo 240?

Saab 900?

  • Volvo 240
  • Saab 900

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Both please? With a little Saab advantage.


I’d take the Saab. Back then it would have looked much more futuristic than the boxy, conservative Volvo.


Volvo 240 because have good safety.


The Saab. I just like that body design, and, well, it looks futuristic. Nothing against the Volvo, though.


A very difficult decission.

Both cars are safe, you can choose turbo engines, but the Volvo is RWD, and the Saab, FWD.


I choose Volvo, because RWD. Even if I prefer the design of the saab



Was thinking about exactly this one…
But the subs are junk in this one…


Now for something different…

You have 1000-2000 € to spend and browse some Polish classifieds. Which would you drive?

Mazda 323F 2.0 V6

Citroen XM 3.0 Pallas

Fiat Coupe 2.0 16v

Lincoln F…ing Town Car stretched limo

Saab 9-5 2.3t (170 hp)

Trabant 601

  • Mazda 3rust3
  • Citroen Millenium Falcon
  • Fiat Captain Obvious
  • Swedish Plane
  • Lol, cardboard car

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Edit: Yeah, I’ve messed up the poll again. Please vote for max 2 options :stuck_out_tongue:


My madness says Lincoln, my curiousity says Trabant, the connesoir inside me says Citroen, nothing inside me says Mazda or Fiat…but my common sense ends up with…Saab. :confused:


Ford Focus RS

Mercedes A45

Evo FQ400

Audi RS3

  • Focus
  • Evo
  • A45
  • RS3

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RS3 because 5 cylinders


Lancer because Ford Focus RS have bad brakes (100-0km/h in 50m).

Forum's favourite car tournament

I’ll take the Focus, preferably one with the front LSD. With or without it, though, it feels more, erm, focused than the opposition.


I chose the focus but the FQ screwed me up.


Mazda. I love the XM, but sorry.

Lan Evo X FQ400. Perhaps the X is the worst Evo, I prefer that. I like the turbolag.




I was almost going to vote for that Citroen, until I scrolled down and saw the Lincoln.


The AWD weapon is a pretty tough choice when one is brand picky. Ford have done a good job with the marketing and making the RS impressive but it just has too many fundamental drawbacks. Not that the others don’t have their own. I could pretend to claim that ultimately the Evo is still “the best at doing what it intended to do” but I think several people would laugh at me and also I’d be omitting the fact I’d rather jump off a cliff than possess an Audi or a Mercedes because I’m odd like that.