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Would you rather drive this or that?


I’m a bit of a ford fanboy so focus RS it is.



  • Citroën DS21
  • Citroën CX

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The DS21 by a whisker. On its debut it wasn’t so much a car as a look into the future, more so than its successors.


The CX had big shoes to fill and so little space under the hood because of the failed Rotary attempts… F


The CX, but only the Gti


Let’s get some airtime! Would you rather drive…

A Baja Trophy Truck?

Or a Stadium Super Truck?

  • Baja Trophy Truck
  • Stadium Super Truck

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I’d take a Stadium Super Truck - but only just. The series it’s built for is burgeoning globally, and can be considered a sprint-format, closed-circuit tarmac racing equivalent to the Baja 1000 - complete with jumps.


The year is 1977 and you need something especially sexy. Which do you choose? For parity’s sake all are equipped with 2.0L Engines.

Fiat 132: DOHC I4, 112hp, RWD

Alfetta 2000, DOHC I4, 130hp, RWD (Transaxle)

Audi 100 Avant, SOHC I4, 112hp, FWD (Longitudinal)

BMW 520/6, SOHC I6, 122hp, RWD

Datsun 200L, SOHC I6, 97hp, RWD

Ford Granada, OHV V6, 90hp, RWD

Opel Rekord D 2000S, CIH I4, 100hp, RWD

Renault 20 TS, OHC I4, 109hp, FWD (Longitudinal)

Lancia Gamma 2000, DOHC Flat 4, 120hp, FWD (Longitudinal)

Peugeot 504 TI, OHV I4 (fuel injected), 105hp, RWD

Mercedes-Benz 200, SOHC I4, 94hp, RWD

Toyota Corona Mark II/ Cressida, SOHC I4, 97hp, RWD

Citroen CX2000, OHV I4, 102hp, FWD (Transverse)

There are a few missing candidates, such as the Rover SD1 (I really wanted to include something british) and Volvo 244. Unfortunately neither was available with a 2.0L Engine in 1977. Yes I know I am again stretching the rules of this game. Oh the choices!

  • Rust (Fiat)
  • More Rust (Alfa)
  • Brutal Practicality (Audi)
  • Beemer (Beemer)
  • Not-Skyline (Datsun)
  • Granny (Ford)
  • Dopel (Opel)
  • Discount Citroen (Renault)
  • Subaru (Lancia)
  • God bless the rains… (Peugeot)
  • …down in Africa (Mercedes)
  • Token Drift Car (Toyota)
  • LHM Leaks (Citroen)

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Could you name them correctly, I don’t know which car correspond to which option…




I’ll play it safe (but not too safe) and take the 5-series. I’m struggling to take some of the others as seriously as the 5er. Only the Alfetta is more powerful, but its reliability record would have been questionable at best.


520 because bmw fanboy.

And I6 is the best sounding engine of that group.


I like the Renaults, Citroens and Peugoets of the 70’s but in reality if I had the choice of a mint condition car it’d be the Fiat. But a V6 version of the Renault (30 not 20) or Peugeot would be nice aswell.


You Have Enough Money to Run a GTE-Am Team, But which car to buy?

Porsche 911 GTE RSR

Ferrari 488 GTE Evo

  • 911 RSR
  • 488 Evo

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Can we just take a moment to appreciate this face?


What if you have another choice for gte
Mclaren 650S GT3

Corvette C7R

  • 650
  • Corvette

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cough cough mclaren is not a gte cough cough


cough couch?

And you voted for the 650 so :confused:


I love 650s (I don’t care about the road car tho), so what? :triumph: But I love you too Corvette…


I imagine the result but let’s find out ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

1967 Ferrari 330 P4

1967 Ford GT40 Mk.4

  • 1967 Ferrari 330 P4
  • 1967 Ford GT40 Mk.4

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