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You have any plans for after Automation?


We all know the most important is a diesel DLC so I can finally make my car in game like everyone else.

I would like to see diesels, wankels would be cool too

Hybrids/electrics would also be pretty cool


Eh, diesel is nice, and I couldn’t care less about hybrids, but I so agree about rotaries.

I want to four-rotor literally every vehicle in my lineup.


What about quad rotor diesels?


They’re basically oil-burners as is.


No no no. I want an air cooled two stroke supercharged horizontal inline 5 diesel :smiley:


First we really need to implement the nuclear drive though!


I would totally play automation nuclear reactor building simulation! Better get working on those fusion designs and artwork.


When are you planning on adding uranium conrods?


That better include the Antimatter Drive my company was working on!


Yes it does, and the ion drive, which is even worse than unturboed Diesels…


Quad turbos! Twin-superchargers! W and H engines! Rotaries! Real-time flaming cars when you don’t have enough cooling!

EDIT : I think I’ve worked out a solution as how to implement sequential turbochargers. What if, instead of having an extra block on the timeline, what if we start going upwards? For example…


------------TURBO 1
x-x-x-x-x-TURBO 2-x-x-x-x-x

You know what I mean?


Hey, don’t even joke about that. I would be so enamoured with those possibilities.

Twin-blown V8? Or even better yet, twin-charged V8? Hubba hubba…



Need I say more?


If I was a man, I’d be nursing a semi.


Free-Valve level of engine valve control would be my top choice for a DLC.
My second choice would be HCCI engines.
After that heavy utility vehicles or small watercraft.


My wishlist:
1(not likely) and 2-strokes
single and quad turbos
supercharger and DSC
more body variety
hybrid and electric



It does exist.


Just sounds like a regular flat engine but with really poor terminology, if I’m interpreting it correctly


Whether the single stroke engine exists or not is not the biggest issue. The major problem is modelling something like it. Considering its that type of engine appears to only be in prototype phase, modelling the physics of the engine will be difficult. Nor is there any point of doing so. Automation is a game about making a car company, and since noone appears to be making single stroke engines, why should the devs spend time guessing how it would work?

Also I think answers for what you want can be found in the FAQ