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Your guilty car pleasure/confession


Me too. And I so close to get a 2.0 SLX


Words like bore, big block, cammer, split rim Gotti, dump valve, Weber Carburettor give me child like excitement.

Also late 80’s and early 90’s cars with carburettors are :ok_hand:


This Charger is just as nice if not nicer looking than the 1968-1970 more famous brother.

Also speaking of MOPAR in the 70’s, the 1971 Challenger is a lot nicer than the 1970 one /Again, the most famous one) all because of the added grille detail.
It’s honestly amazing how such a tiny change can really complete a car.


I saw one of these at a local car show once, they’re absolutely gigantic and absolutely gorgeous


I love those cars, and I don’t feel guilty about it at all!


Yep, I’ve been in an old Chrysler New Yorker from the late 60’s (I believe it was a 1968) and it was really really comfy and cool but I wouldn’t want to drive one becaue I suck at parking.
Those things are huge, and it’s amazing to think that there’s even bigger yachts out there, like a 1979 Continental sedan or Chrysler Imperial from the early 70’s.
Looked something like this but not as polished so to speak:


Since we’re talking about barges, american station wagons make me hard.

From the 70s to the 90s Caprices, square bois with rear hatches that are sometimes actually tailgates that you can also open like a door and that have an electric window you can put down by turning the key in the lock, two foldable seats in the trunk that can be backwards or face each other, a front bench seat and a V8. :nut:

I’d road trip from coast to coast in one of these, listening to 8 tracks of the Eagles, America, Terry Kath era Chicago, and basically, I’m a 25 years old boomer.


Although I’m a Supercar/Sports car enthusiastic,I somehow loves military trucks a lot,even though I despites off-roading.(I always think that it is both dangerous and making the car suffer) I don’t know why,I just can’t resist it.:heart_eyes:


Everything you said perfectly applies to me


I like Infiniti, even though Nissan is garbage


I like Infiniti and Nissan. Beautiful designs, very Japanese. Love it so much!! Only problem is the CVT issue with Nissan and the outdated infotainment in Inifinitis…

I’ll stick with my Toyota Crown Athelete fantasy… AKA the Lexus GS350.


Yeah, the designs are great, especially in newer Infiniti models, Nissans are also unreliable from what I’ve read


I don’t get why people like station wagons so much. At all. To me, any problem with practicality or being able to fit stuff in could just be solved by simply taking more than one trip, or getting a rental U-Haul or something like that. Wagons mean more weight (So worse handling, not to mention fuel economy and such), and to be honest they make the car’s body look much less sleek and much more bulky.


Welp. My guilty car pleasure happens to be movie cars. LOTS of 'em


Yup. That crazy chariot from “Back To The Future”


…and the occasional raid rally truck too.
Those Russian badasses. still dominatin’ the deserts to this day.


Okay in the spirit of the thread, I get where you are coming from and I really tried to let this one slide. But…

You’re thinking about it the wrong way. Its not that wagons are worse than cars because in some ways yes they are (heavier, looks depending on your taste, handling, economy); it’s that they are the forgotten, displaced, and sometimes superior utility option when compared to…

SUVs and crossovers.

Because wagons offer the same kinds of things but without sacrificing handling, fuel economy, stability, aerodynamics, ergonomics, etc to even close to the same extent as SUVs and crossovers do. And also, for some people, the utility isn’t a luxury; its a way of life. My brother works construction and so for him a Subaru Outback is everything a pickup truck can do minus hardcore offroading – which isn’t typically an issue – and it handles better and it gets better fuel economy and its sealed by nature so no crappy leaky bed cover to contend with.


. . .
Good point.


I must agree with you as well. What’s the point of having an SUV or crossover if you seldom venture beyond paved roads at all?


On the topic of SUVs and Crossovers, I feel they’re a lot better than most people here make them out to be.

Sure they are pretty mediocre when it comes to handling, aerodynamics and stability, but those are never really a big issue. As for fuel economy, yes larger SUVs and crossovers do suffer significantly, but the smaller ones don’t see that much of a reduction in fuel economy compared to their regular car/wagon counterparts.

What really makes crossovers/SUVs imo (the smaller ones specifically) is that they have decent cargo space for their size making them extremely convenient, especially for a lot of people.

Here’s a couple of examples

Note that the crossovers/SUVs have rear cargo volume either comparable or better than a basic hatchback while roughly being the same size. This also continues into interior space, CUVs and SUVs tend to have more interior room and to most people that what matters.

Now in regards to SUVs /CUVs vs wagons, SUVs /CUVs with comparable cargo space to a wagon will be shorter and more compact whereas an SUV/CUV with comparable length to a wagon would have more space. Sure SUVs/CUVs with comparable cargo space to a wagon will have a harder time carrying long objects like TVs, furniture etc, but really, unless you do that for a living, how often will you move stuff like that around, and if you are doing that for a living just use a van


Whether we admit it or not, this is absolutely true but I offer this rebuttal.

What I conjecture we – especially as car enthusiasts – find repulsive about crossovers is not that they are awful but that they are gradually cannabalizing the entire market for, well, everything. Except vans and trucks in the heavy utility segment which for obvious reasons will probably never be replaced. This especially irking because it stands in contrast to markets for almost every other product right now where product diversity is at an all time high. I mean hell, think about how many different flavors of chips you can buy :roll_eyes: .

But not the case for cars. No. I think what we are all afraid of is that pretty soon there won’t be other buying options. We’ll just have to get a car that does everything “good enough”. But not great. And no it doesn’t do anything bad but wouldn’t it be nice if we could just buy a high miler or people mover or a true sports executive car?

And yet the general public doesn’t seem to notice that whereas they can have any cut of pants they can think of or 30 different drinks to choose from on a Starbucks menu, their cars are 3 or 4 sizes of the same thing.


Though it may not be very appreciated, I’ll throw in my two cents.

I don’t really like crossovers, and not because they’re bad vehicles. I don’t like them because they’re everywhere, and sedans are dwindling in the process. The fall of four-door cars has seen my personal favorite, an affordable dream car, the Chrysler 300 see its demise, and that cannot be undone.

And their overly complicated lineups don’t help. Subcompact, compact, midsize, midsize three row, fullsize… there’s so many it’s hard to keep straight.