1 Hour Design Challenge

Inspired from a horrible idea on the Discord.

I propose a simple(ish) design challenge. Create an entire vehicle design in the time frame of one hour or less, with one caveat. Once you place a fixture on the car, you can’t delete it. No 3d fixture cheese to hide the item away, and no microscopic scaling to hide your mistakes.

You can design any car in any era you want, but you have to do the entire design in one hour.

Post images of your car here on this thread, and (optionally) include the .car file publicly for all to see.

How will I enforce this time limit and the no delete rule? I won’t! We’ll use the honor system here. I presume most of you can usually be trusted…

No pre-planning, your timer should start the moment you are able to open the fixtures tab for your chosen vehicle.

Either way, this challenge if you wish to partake is open to all who wish to participate starting immediately, with an indefinite close date. Should be interesting to see what you come up with!

After you’re done, please share any insights not being able to delete gave you about how you think about design, as well as whether or not you’d choose to continue work on your vehicle.


1 hour for design, or for design and engineering?

I’d guess it’s starting a new car then 60 minutes later.

Does that mean that 3D fixtures can’t be used at all (including detailed interiors)?

I bet this applies only to exterior design, and not to trim or engine choices.

3d fixtures are fine, just no hiding them in a different room because you can’t delete.

The challenge is only for exterior design, don’t worry about engineering. Just get it done in under an hour.


Picked a random body.
“Oh please, I hope that it will not look like a Corolla when finished”
Toyota_corolla_wagon_1989 has entered the chat


But to be honest, it sort of confirmed what I was thinking, not being able to play with different fixtures would mean a choice of safe cards, easily ending up with a bland looking vehicle like this.


Hey!!..'89 Corollas are pretty cool, definitely a rarity nowadays.

Yeah. I just think that it is pretty hard to use the 90-series Corolla bodies and not end up with a Toyota looking vehicle for some reason. :neutral_face: Despite the morphs being quite generous.


2020 Anthrax Gendarme

Totally not an INEOS Grenadier clone which also is totally not a Land Rover Defender clone.

Done in 45 minutes, give or take

Anthrax_-_Gendarme.car (56.6 KB)


MY57 Proletariat Traveller 221F

The Mk II Traveller was intended for the comrade who ran a fleet of vehicles on behalf of the state…

Here’s a quick mock-up of a mid 50’s Proletariat, designed to service fleet customers and rural clients.

Powered by a 2.1L Liberty 446 and has four gears; RWD is mandatory Comrade, hahaha!

The design took me half an hour, mainly because I’m used to this era and bodystyle, so with careful targeting of your strengths you can whip up a nice design too!

P.S. Here’s the .car file if you’d like to tune up this car, make a lisense build for your own company or submit a monster to this thread!

Proletariat_-_Traveller_221F.car (35.0 KB)


Welp, I did the thing. From start to finish, the Engineer(s) at Cereal Engineering (me), designed an engine, a horrible, ugly, disgustang looking car, but we did it in 45 minutes.

The Cereal Engineering DBF (Standing for Deflated BlobFish, because that’s what it ended up looking like) wasn’t designed with fashion in mind, but I sure did have a fun time designing it, throwing everything at the wall and watching it slowly slide off.

Powered by a 1.6 Liter Turbocharged Pushrod V8, making 260 ish HP, the car is… almost good? Nearly?
We hit a 177 MPH Top speed, and a ok ATT time.
(Thinking about it I think this may be outdated since I did some work on the car)
All in all, a decent car. Good job me. Yee haw. I’m a little busy so I can’t post the car file itself, but I’ll be back later today if you actually want to drive this… thing…


Ha! He trusted us! What a fool…

I’ll see what can I whip up for you.


Touring T1 Convertible

I decided to stick to what I know, and in 31 minutes and 57 seconds…

Here is a 1997 shed supercar which uses a 3.0L Twin Turbo V6 producing 300hp.


1971 Beta-Juliet Caribe - Entirelly built in 58 minutes flat, with video proof coming soon. Tried to make the most of my 1 hour instead of trying to finish it as quickly as possible. It’s an FWD 3L V6 engine with the ol’ Bosch Jetronic mechanic injection, pneumatic suspensions, disc brakes all around, and a premium interior. A premium European GT at heart.

Beta-Juliet_Caribe_-_BJ4.car (47.7 KB)


This is the 1989 Shoji Track Star 1200. A small Japanese sportscar fitted with a larger 1.2L engine, which produces 65-ish hp, for the European market.
The car was made in 56 minutes.


Is it me or don’t people normally put mudflaps on anymore? :thinking:

My eyes were drawn straight to the ones on your car which made me ask! :slight_smile:

They were a pain to put on prior to 3D fixtures. People just don’t know yet that now is much easier to put them on.


I think it’s in part because the mudflap thumbnail is a black line, ao most people don’t know they exist :stuck_out_tongue:


That and a few other fixtures.