10s Supercar (RESULTS)

This event is going to be judging community designs of their 2010s super cars (2010-2019) based on the following criteria:

  1. Aesthetic appeal (interior not counted)
  2. Performance (I’ll figure out some mathematical method for this one)
  3. Track time (Automation Track)
  4. Comfort
  5. Cost
  6. Prestige
    This one will be done on a finishing order. This means that, say for example there are 10 people in the competition, first place in a category will score 10 points, while last place will score 1. This is to increase objectivity and fairness.
    If anybody wants to help me judge or has any suggestions feel free to DM me!
    I should also mention mods are allowed of pretty much any sort as I have all mods installed, and the naming convention should be “10s Supercar-Name” on the model and engine, while I’m not too bothered about the trim or variant.
    There’s no set limit on cost, though I’d advise not exceeding $110,000 or you might be priced out of that aspect.
    Maximum 98 Octane allowed (unleaded) but I will not penalise anyone who submitted a car using 100 Octane if the vehicle was submitted on 7/2/21 or before
    Deadline is 14/2/21. Have fun!

Supercars are also built for prestige - shouldn’t that be taken into account as well?

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Indeed it probably should be, good point

Might be worth adding some ET limits, it’s really easy to cheese stuff on a big budget and have unnecessarily high ET times

80 000$, lol. That’s more like super sedan territory, not actual supercar.

Yes I agree with that, I’ll have a play with that today

You can actually build a lot of car with 80k. It’s not a hard limit though, just a recommendation

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I can do a car with 164 score in supercar for $79400. Affordability’s 95%, 0-100 is 4.1—that’s with no downforce or fine tuning.

$80k is enough if you can tweak it.

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Yes, you can. Being reasonable and cost-efficient. Two traits perfectly fitting a supercar :smile: I’ll test it later. Maybe it’s just me usually building either normal high end sports cars or hypercars.

You might have a point tbf. 80k seems to make more of a junior supercar like a 911 Turbo or a Huracan or something along those lines. I’ll think about changing how I phrased that if I get more people raising the issue

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Ok, my test, totally regular 2015 supercar, with the stuff you’d expect from a supercar. The only quality anywhere is +3 in the exhaust, because the headers were limiting (and exhaust quality is cheap). Also, no aero. Brakes weren’t optimised. Price - $111 000.

Edit: stuff that’s not visible here and might impact the price: geared diff, sports coumpound and alloy wheels, vented disc brakes, premium infotainment, advanced 10s safety, active sport/semi active suspension. Engine has all forged internals, throttle per cylinder, performance intake and long tubular headers.

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Hmm, I might need to do some tweaking then. Let me have a look, it’s probably because I generally make V8 powered cars which seem to be far less expensive

Alright I’ll raise that recommendation to 100k, because even this is 84k and it only has a V6.

Actually I’d advocate for 125k or so, to allow for fully CF constructions (mine has partial CF panels) - I don’t think that’s much of a stretch for a 10s supercar. But, it’s your challenge.

I’ll try build a full carbon car and see what happens, and see how low I can get it

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Full carbon & 600hp and I just managed to scrape under 100k. I might compromise and go 110k or 115k though.
(On a side note this green is one of my favourite colours)

Time for another remake of the Zephorus Z - S. I think I’m on about redesign/facelift six :stuck_out_tongue:
Looking forward to this one


Introducing the 2017 Kerberos Tyfon SCW

In one of their more ambitious projects since their first car (the 1988 Kerberos Titan SCW†) Kerberos’ in house coachbuilder, Spartan CoachWorks, debuts their new limited production performance coupe—the 2017 Kerberos Tyfon SCW. The Tyfon is expected to cost in the neighborhood of $110,000 when it hits dealers this fall. The Tyfon uses an all carbon fiber unibody, pushrod rear suspension, and a bespoke V10 that outputs its 592hp to all four wheels via a six speed dual clutch gearbox.

†As seen in CSR129


Octane Racing released a teaser today of its next super secret project.

This is following many rumors going around the internet after a lucky photographer snatched a picture last week of a never-before-seen prototype car going around the green hell early in the morning.

Stay tuned for more.